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  1. U muss be joekin!

    1. Silleh Farsebuuk pplz! :) Congrats, anni … we has a tye!

      1. Thx AP! Ai dunno wat Ai wud put az mai status iffn Ai wuz forst 2 be awn Farse buk!

        1. Aifinkso Cheezland Junkee mite bee appro poe! :grin: Eeben doh nawt menny peeps wuud unnerstands.

          1. Ai aer nawt addiktid… Ai went cawld terkee fur Oh, fibe minnits!

            1. Den U runned aowt uf cawld turkeez?

    2. Anni?? Izzat Anni Bannister, teh darling of Roper’s Light Horse? Adn hiz heavee wun, also?? Ohai! Does yu merember teh night we dansdansdansed at teh governor’s partee?!? Tehy waz playin owr song…
      ♫ Any old iron? Any old iron? Any, any, any old iron???…♫
      *Fanfare of militaree musics* Blaarp blap blaarp… Oh deer, tehre must be a kure for this… ;)

      1. U muss be finking uv Minni Bannister – noe rilayshun 2 me!
        Aifink u hab had 2 mutsh curree in teh kornflayks!

        1. Taht _would_ esplapin teh splodings on teh brekfast tablol, aifinkso. Kedgeree everywherez. Adn perhaps teh chef shouldnawt has replaced teh orange-juice wif gin…
          too flammablol… (Aifinkso Lenny, teh kitteh in teh pixure, got teh orange-juice. He’s fullovit up to teh eyeblols…adn sparklee wuns tehy iz, tuu!)

          1. *Esplapin? Wehre did _taht_ come from? Try “Esplain.”*

          2. He AM fullobit, Lungdoc! Yay, mai lenny am teh star ob teh FP!
            Adn nao, him is paradign in front ob teh monni-tore tellign hims tardee hoomin iz suppah thyme!

            1. Yay for Lenny! *Imagines what it must be lyke to has those bright golden eyes lookin yu in teh face wehn yu wakes up inna mornin, ’bout four inchez from yur noes…* Ack! Byutiful, but spookee! ;)

              1. Him haz a naidentiklol brudder naymd Squiggy. Teh ownlee diffrence is dat Squiggy (awlsew nown az Wigger-roo) habs see-fome green ais. Lenny am teh slef apoynted alarum clok. Tu waek meh up, him parayds ober mai bodeh, arownd mai hed, down teh sied, and repeet az niided. Doze golden ais can luk amayzingly inno sent wen ai finaloly open myne.

            2. Yoar Lenny, mai fren’z kitteh Timmy, mai Yoru adn mai Kes hab awl bin awn teh fp!

              1. Ai saw dat, PT! Ai speshuloly liek Kes, az dat am mai sumthymes nik-naem. :P

              2. Hur haz menny nicknaems: Kessie, Kes-Kes, Kes-que-c’est, Kes-kitteh, Kitteh-Kes, Kessie-Kitteh, Kitteh-Kessie (oar Kitty Kessie, etc, etc) Princess, Kestrel (snerk), adn Kitteh.

                Kes sez: Yoar nicknaem iz Kes? Wao! Mien iz doze above! Adn ai iz onleh a yeer! Iz Kestrela yoar naem?

          1. Thnx for teh link! Stanley Holloway iz allwayz worth a listen!

  2. *chaynjes it tu “pettin teh kitteh”*

      1. *reluktantly tikklols AP’s chin … :roll: *

      2. *pet, pet, pet, pet-pet-pet, petpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpetpet*
        u happy now???


        iz da enuff?


        1. * pointee endz deploi *

          Datz tuu mucsh!! Naow go opun teh gushifudz.

        2. *prezents chin … rubz bakk-n-forff … roalz ober … purrz lowdleh*

          Otay, dats enuff. Fankeez! Lyke wrr sez, gushifud tyme.

  3. *type type type-itty type*
    (“Imma Crazy Kat Laydee an Doan Want Knobodee Tew Bothur Mi Cos Ai iz Hoam Wif Mai Adoring Overloards Doings Der Biddings”)
    Dere, dat beddur. Dat keep doze udder hoomans frumb bothurin MAI hooman wif doze stoopy emayos an stuff.

    1. Now, kin wii stop deh telemarketerz???

      1. * Gibbs teh telly fone tu teh goggie. *

        1. *goggee takez fone owt bak and bureez it.*

  4. Oops !! *changes “Toe Cutting” to “Toe-Naylol Cutting” :oops: * [ doan want tu cawnfooz teh Marfia :? ]

  5. Tiem fur bed! G’nite awl.

  6. So wut did deh stoopy hoomin put az dheir status?

    Awl Alone Agin
    Capshuning LOLcatz

    1. Din’t feed teh cats yet
      Evah wish yoo had moar cats?
      Feedign teh cats
      Gettign cat food @ Publix with Je******

      1. Hoomin slave tu kittehs
        Innosent of dat charge
        Juss layin arownd
        Krazy fur kittehs

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