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  1. And tehse teefs were made for nommin….nommin all over you!

    1. Congrats, KellieKAT!

        1. *walkz in carrying a nowns mint*

          Skewzmii! skewz mii!!

          Momma sed fur mii tu hang dis up heer. ‘k?

          :D :D Ohai, peepz!!!! :D :D

          I kin haz ur DEE Tenshuns plz??
          :?: Wait, dat not rite. :?:
          *finkz a minnit*

          Kin I haz ur AY Tenshuns pls??
          Ya, datz better.

          Wii iz gonna haz a Howse Warming party tu sillybrate habbing ower noo home!! Wii b wanting tu show Prysma and Seanya how berry muchly wii appreciate awl deh hard work dey haz dun fur us to b habbing dis wunnerful place tu play.

          Deh party am gonna b on Friday starting on deh Noon Cheezland Time lol. More partying will continue on deh following LOLz
          Dat b
          12 noon Eestern
          11 am Central
          10 am Mountain
          9 am Pacific
          5 pm TTI
          2 am on Caturday in Oz

          Dhere will b singing and dancing and nomz and drinks!!! So git owt ur party clothes, find ur faborite songz, adn put on ur dansing shoos!! Wii will crank up deh Carry Okie machine and PAR~TAY!!

          U kin bringing (or wearing) ur favrit Cheez and/or Kuntry tu halping us sillybrate deh establishment uv ower berry own CHEEZLAND.

          Fankees! Wii now return u tu ur regular LOLz. :D

          1. Fanks fer teh bemindurr Bud! An mai ai sai, wat a hansum kitteh u r!

            1. Fankz yew!!! I likez ur hoodee!! Do u suppose Mom will git mii wun??

              1. Ah’m shure shee wil iffen u arsks nyslee. Ai bet sheez puddy in ur handz pawz!

          2. :shock: sumfing juss brushd mai leg :shock:

            O! It’s yoo, Bud! Ohai! *skritch skritch skritch* ♥ Fanks fur bringing it dat nownsingmint… yoo’z sucha gud kitteh!

  2. I thort cheezland had runned awai!

    1. Ai had a horriblol “Heer we goe agane” feline wen Ai gottid teh ‘prollem lodin payj’ messij. Dem a beeg sie uv rileef wen it caem bakk!

      1. Srsly?

        And nawt-sekkund timestamps be 13 minutes after the lol was scheduled to come up, and I just double-checked the scheduled time.

        *sends alerts to Seanya*

        1. I checked the sites logs and such, but I don’t see anything that shows a problem – nothing I can point at and say that there is the problem. It might be a basic problem with computers … perhaps a glitch via connection, or a system reboot, hard to say exactly, but PK and I have not recieved any notifications, errors or reports of problems. Sorry if it scared people, but I think it is just a “web/computer” thing. Essentially why most sites say they have 99.8% or so “uptime” – truly 100% is never possible with any computer. Hope this help to allievate any worries.

  3. an stopz cawling me “Bootz”

    1. Kitteh looks like ‘e’s barefoot! No bootz a’tall!

      1. Awl rite, hoo kikked owt teh cord ?? Ai hoap it wuznut Cheezland overloding its host :roll:
        Congarats, KellieKAT ;) !! Maybi sumwun tuk Kitteh’s boots tu teh server ??

        1. Thankx PB :-) Mai boots is maid for walkin’ all teh way to teh bedroom! Ai has a tired from the conga line, sew ai’m gonna kick the hay wif my white boots like the kitty’s. G’night everbody! (does a little conga on teh way out…)

      2. I lub him cooty black eers!! Luk like himz warein a silleh hatz.

        Oh noze…. Dat koot Iz obercummin my defences …..

        *rumble rumble RUMMMMMMMMMMBLEEEE*


        1. O noze! Wee hav splortayshun!!!!

          Whoop whoop whoop heer coms the CCC!

          Sweep sweep ur braynes inno a tydee pyle
          Rinse rinse wif sparklee lemmum wadder
          Tuck tuck pat pat bak inno braynium cabity
          Snap snap awn the eggstra strenff CHRG (wdoi)
          Taype taype wif rainbo cullered ducky taype
          Leeds the wai tew the splort recovery lounge
          Snuggle snuggle u inno a cheezfrends mappie blankie
          Handz ober stoofed bebeh pengwin tew cuddle
          Offerz trai uv hawt chokklit an sordid pastrees.
          Naow, u jus rest a minnit an doan luuk at anee cayute pixures fer a wile, kay?

          1. Ohhhh ….. I feels sum butter…

            Wuts dis??? Ohhhhh !!1! Sucha cooty babeh pengee!
            Oh noze nawt agin!!

            Shield strength downd to 28%. Reroof awl power to strucktoorool inntegritty

            I feelin woozie….

            1. *hands out 800+ page operashun manual for obscure machinery*

              There! Start reading teh safety instruckshuns and if that doesn’t unsplort u, nuffink else will. Well, mabbeh sum legislation frum teh middlol ages.

              1. Uuuuuhhhhh dats butterer. Heer taks dis babeh pengee furr nao.

                *starts Ta reed*. Obj… Gmmmmphhhh ….. *skwintz atta paje*

                ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz …….

  4. It’s mai nawt-sekkond nawt-second in Cheezland!

    1. conga rats

      ~(((()))))> ~(((()))))> ~(((()))))> ~(((()))))> ~(((()))))>

      1. HAHAHA! I’ve never scene tohse conga rats shimmy so nicely! Fankees, PT :-)

    2. In dat caes, eggstra speshul congrats aer in ordur! Teh nawt sekund nawt sekund iz a grate feline!

      1. Everybody join teh congarats! Conga, conga, conGA! Comeon everbody do teh conga! Okay….I’m tired now, haha :-)

        1. *Gets inn lyne beehynd KK*

          Umpha umpha ummp KICK!
          Umpha umpha ummp KICK!
          Umpha umpha ummp KICK!
          *sownd uv shatterin glass*
          Ai dint dew itz!
          Umpha umpha ummp KICK!

          1. Giggles! Nao THAT’S a conga! I’m KellieKAT and I approve ob dis conga! Hello and goodnight! I’m fading fast…

            1. Luks like a Umpi conga line

              Huncha huncha stretch hunch
              Huncha huncha stretch hunch
              Huncha huncha stretch hunch ….

              1. *Upfi conga….
                Nawt Mae fault … Wuz typin too soonz after splortin ….

              2. :lol: gud eggskyoose!

        2. WoooT!!!

          *bangz on rat haus*
          Hey guise!! git on owt heer!!!! U gotta dans dans fur KellieKAT!!! It am hur nawt-sekkond nawt-sekkond!!!!

          *ratz kum tumbling owt*

          Everybuddy got dheir cowboi bootz?!?!?! :D
          Ok, line up! nice and strate, plz!
          Silas! Am doze muklukz??? go git ur cowboy boots!!!!!

          ok, Eberree buddy reddy?

          1, 2, 3 —

          Cong-ga! cong-ga! cong-GA!!
          Cong-ga! cong-ga! cong-GA!!
          Cong-ga! cong-ga! CONG-GA!!

          1. You drive a good conga-line, mai Cween! Fankees! And good-night! Can’t take anymore fun, hehe XOXOXOXOX Ai love you, CheezFriends!

          2. Dose ratts du a grate conga. Butt(!) if deys warin cowboy boots mebbe dey shud folloe dat wiffa Cotton-Eyed Joe!

            WootWoot Stepped in what?

    3. Dats awsum KK! Affer awl doze yeerz at DOP ai finalee got mai nawt sekkond FP heer inn hour noo happee plaise tew!

      1. High-5’s, low-5’s, spin-around-behind-the-back-5’s!

  5. Ai had a scaredy about taht too AP! :(

  6. Gud wun frum Maryh!

  7. *kicks the servers of the intertubes*
    Work, silly thing!

    1. ha! we’re back! that wus scaree!!

      1. Aye thoughted it wuz jest mii!

        1. nope, wuz mee tew, ai hadda skayred an lownlee!

        2. I could see it on my phone… and heer the krikkits of teh emptyness! and bye the tiem I’d typed on my phone – everyone wus back!

          and KK had hur nawt-sekkund nawt-sekkund!! yay!!

  8. An see dis? Ahm steppin awn AWL teh kraks! Datt’ll teech U!

    1. Owwweee OWWWWeeee oochh ….

      YohY duz mai bak hurtz so muchlee???

  9. Tiem faw an awld memerie :) * Gosh, wernt thoas mini-skurts shawt 8O ! *

    1. Ai din’t fink dey wuz warin skerts! Juss sweddurz!

      1. An spanki pants. Funneh … Doze boots didnawt do too much walkkin butt dey was poineein purty gud at da ends.

        I lub doin da poinee

        1. *puts awn muvver voice*
          Stannup strait, Nancee! Fro yoor showlders bakk! Yu keep rowndin dem forwurd liek dat an yool bea nold woman befoar yoor time.

          *trize tu take orf muvver voice*
          *disk covers idz stukk*

          Stawp it! Poot dat down! Leev it alone! Doan tutch! Warsh yoor face! Now! Coz I sedd so! I lub yu forebbers!

          1. Oh noes!!!! Sneezeecat haz turned intu Mom!!!!!

            1. Make it stop!!! make it stop!!!!

        2. Akshoolee, I don’t finkso those particular boots wus maded for walkin. They wus just made for lukin purty. How u’z supposed to walk in thems, I no has a cloo… ;)

    2. Trust me – dey wuz nawt skirts. Dey wuz wide belts! *ai knows cause ai weared sum* :)

  10. Mah toesies has a happy. :)

    1. Ohai D-R!!!! Sew glad u fownd ur wai heer!

  11. “deez feets” indeed. “deez feets” was nawt walking NEwhar. Dey wuz armd wif 6″ killifiers whut wuz extended in deh full KILLITDEDNAO position when she nabbed a moth right on to my own bare personal chest. Her eyes were glazed and crazed and her mustaches were in deh forward huntin position. Dat iz nawt ‘walking’ yu silly felid. I thought I’d died and gone to hell.

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