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  1. yah butt., eeeww!

    1. Ohai, carosue! Kittehs shayr ebryfing, eben cootees.

  2. An kahn plai moosik wile u floss!

    *twonk twonk twonk*

    1. Dat littul twonk sownds mitey loansum.
      *gits a fiddul adn rozzins up teh boe*
      ♬♫♪♩skree skraw skreeeee♬♫♪♩
      Datz bedder.

      1. Hmmmm, ai thot ai terned awf teh slanty werd fingy.

    2. Taht’s bewtifloss moozic tu mai eers ;)

          1. Ekstraktly teh ansir ai wanted to heer.

            1. :D

              Enni mewzic am gud wen yoo am filling in teh tiem

              1. Otay! We’z pullin owt all teh stops. :-)

              2. If mai dentist sed, Brace Yoorself, i wudnawt kno hao 8O

              3. Yoo finks dere enny x rayted maggazeens in de wayting ruum?

              4. Nawt enni moor :oops: !! * doan’t luk under mai cap *

              5. We needs to get to teh root ob yor uneeziness, pb.

              6. * bumps hed awn door in rush tu get owt .. almoas crowns hizself *

              7. Yoo noes de drill.

              8. Tihs payshent juss “bit” me !! * gets a big big drill nd tayks rebeng … *

    3. ** Plonk Plonk Plonk **

      qwickly hides bottlol ..

      1. *finds teh bottlol adn bloes acrost teh tawp*
        Hwooooh hwooooh hwooooh

        1. Yoooooo Yooooo Yooooo ………… tahtz Hwoooh Hwoooh Hwoooh :roll:

  3. Dis floss … it haz a flayver !!

    1. Yesh, it am called “yesterdai’s toona.”

        1. Yesh, but needs to remoob it befoar it terns into tartar soss.

          1. @@@@

            Yoo tihnk kitteh caries ??

              1. It wudnut put a dentin hims demeener ;)

              2. Yoo duzunt fink he wud be impackted?

              3. Doan fink hi habs de wisdom tu noe de diffrens.

              4. Dis has been delitefully palat-abul, butt(!) aiz frowin in teh toal adn bowing to yor souperb punmanship. ;-)

              5. Ai feals beet tu a pulp. Awf tu bed wiff mi..Gnite awl!

              6. It gave it a gud brushing !! Nai-nai, Muchcat :D

              7. O, no, tahtz a falsie, CatBurgh !!

                * nd it’z nao tiem faw mai munch lunch :) *

              8. Bye for nao, muchcat adn pb. It was teh ufn! :-)

              9. *moan*
                [hangs hed in disbeleef at awl teh corny puns]
                [can’t eben bear tew look back awp]
                [at teh LOL’s dental relayted cawmint freds]

                Whelp, ai gess dat jest meens wun fing.
                Ai yam permanently…
                wait for it

              10. Pee Ess – hao am fings wif teh grandbebbeh?

              11. They borkd her waddur abowt an hour ago, and sheez bin pushin foar 45 minnits, and still gawt a waze tew go.

              12. Mebbeh ifn we awl halped her tu push . . .
                Uuuuungh…..uuuuuungh……hoo hoo hoo…..uuuuuungh!

              13. O.o oof! Dat’s werk. Aiz orf to sleepytiem. Best wishes, NC!

  4. Yoo kan pikk ur frendz
    yoo kan pikk ur teefs
    butt yoo kant pikk ur frendz teef.
    Onless ur a kitteh.

      1. dat’s whut I sayd.

  5. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Fevvurr Awn A Stickk
    amz gud “MullteeTasskkurr”. Az
    Awlltunn Braown woodz say!

    Fevvurr Awn A Stikk
    amz Bessesst Playz Feengee 4
    Curree~uss Kittehz!!

    Fevvurr Awn A Stikk
    amz eeben beddah dan lawtz
    Shynee Deevyssez!!! :-)


    1. Grate jawb, Jack! Only prollem is, my girl kitteh lubs to de-fevver teh stikk. We has menny fevverless stikks lookin for gud hoams.

  6. Grandawter haz arrived. 9 lbs 8 oz’s :shock:

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    1. CONGRATS GRAMPA NC!!!!!!!!!!
      *gm blanchiz at teh berry FOT ub whut uh bebbeh ub dat syze meenz*

    2. Congratulations!!! Hope she is a healthy little girl who learns to sleep thru the night stn!

    3. Pixors un teh grandncdawter tu sharing suun!!!

    4. Taht’z grandnews, NC :D * Duz a happy-taylol dans dans faw helfy dotter nd g’dotter *

    5. Correkshun..grandSON. :roll: Don’t know wat ai wuz finking.

      1. heh – potaytoes – pohtahtoes! a nyoo bebbeh is a nyoo bebbeh!!!

        There are lots sillybrayshuns on the caption me lol! a nalmafabet list an all!
        *majically changes all the pink in that list to bloo*


      2. Mennee happytayles tew yew and gnu grandwun! Yay!

      3. {{{{{{{{{{{NC an Fambly}}}}}}}}}}} Dis am MOST WUNNURMUS!!!1! Conga rats tu ebrywun! Ai hoeps teh little wun am happeh an helfy, an hims mawm am sleeping. :lol: Welkom tu teh whirrld, teenie tiny NC bebbeh! ♥

    6. Congratshoolaces, Nativeca66! Dat be wunnermus gnus! Ai hope he be healfy and mom, too!

    7. YAY!!!!! Gudgud gnus, NC! :-) Ai noes yoo was dere frew teh hoal fing, adn nao aifink yoo must hab a happy tired. Get sum rest, k?

    8. nc adn fambly

      cownt up awl teh wurreez
      cownt up awl teh fretz
      nebber turn yoor bak adn
      awlwaez hejj yoor betz
      teh wurld iz nott yoor buddee
      it izznt tehre for yoo
      yoor ownlee on a vizzit
      ownlee passin froo
      butt boi kan it be happee
      wen fingz goe ryte in it
      adn teh wuld iz awlwaez bryter
      wif a nyoo baeb in it

    9. Fanks again eberywun!!!elbenty!

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