By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!


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  1. yer hitin teh hi note, kitteh!

    1. Ai like teh liddol black fing on teh collar which maykes him luk like he is wearin a tux and singin in the opera!

    2. Concatulashunz carouse.

      U wuld liek meh tu , sarry sing foar U?

      1. ♫ Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
        I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
        Watching the shwimps roll in
        And then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah

        I’m sittin’ on the dock of e-bay
        Watching the ties roll away
        Ooo, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of e-bay
        Wastin’ time

        U can haz sum eerplugz foar elebentee munnies. Teh eerwurmz R free.

        1. *grone*
          Ear wurms. I hates em forebber.

        2. Meny yeers ago when we were doin eBay lots, we were inna group called The Dock which discussed our selling eggperiences. It wus ackshully callled The Dock of E-Bay but it got shortenified. So yu made me laff and laff and remember!

          Humm. Yu got ani uf dose shrimpez left?

        3. Teh Bustah sayz “if ai go 2 teh dock, der bedder b sum swimpz oar sum toonaz”

          1. him singinging jus liek himz mawm!! :-)

        4. Describes my life to a tee! lol

  2. An dose are a beri helfy set of toofs and mouf!

  3. ♫ Ai hurt it awn teh graype vines…
    Dis lubbley noez uf MINE ♪

    1. hum! I wuz so busy lukin at the teefs I missed teh luvly noez!


    1. Yuze woant B aloan 4 lawng, kitteh! Eider da nayburrz wiL frow shooz oar eLs free moar kittehs wiL kum owt 4 sum 4-part harrminny!

  5. bahahahahaha Ifinkso Sneezeecat winz teh hol internets!

    1. :oops:
      Fanks, teenie.

    2. If the lungz izas gud as the teef, they kan heer him awn teh moon!

  6. ♫♪ ROXANNNE!!!!
    Yew doan’t hab tew put awn tef red lite
    Dose daze awr ober
    Yew doan’t hab tew sell yor bawdy tew duh nite ♫♪

    1. now datz a neerwurm ai frow teh shoo @ u, NC!! (teh oen Policee sawng ai do NAWT liek) >:(

      1. :-) j/k aboot teh shoo part…

  7. O SOLO MEOW!!!

  8. *bops NC66 with magic wand*
    *waits for him to notice*

      1. Duz ai hab tew taik an oaf oar sumfing.

        Wif grate power, komz grate respawnsibility.

        1. Nah, just behave yourself an nawt abuse it. Yu halping peeps alla thyme, should has teh tools to do it. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{NC66}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

          1. (If I thought you’d abuse it, I wouldn’t give you eggstra powers, nao wud I?)

            1. Erm…whut eggstraw powerz duz nc nao tu habbing (aftur yu thwakkifyed him wiff yur majiklol wand ai meen)??

              1. I transformeded him intu… a moderatur!!!!

              2. AKK! :shock:
       meenz..yu coonta pikked a bedderer candy date, yessir….dat nc66 will weeld him’z hammur ub justiss in a rite chuss wun moar fit tuware teh rowbz un moderaytin…
                Congrattylayshuns nc!! (renembur hu yr frenz a..winkee wink)
                *roll zin hyooj kart ub sordid peet saws an extree tawpings, seizure sallids an frosh crustee bunz….in honner ub dis aw spishush oak asian*

              3. Fankeez GM. LOL Ai jes wotched Adbenchures in Baby Sitting again. Sew, ai hazza Thor insperayshun, but don’t wurry, ai alreddy lernd mai lessons in humility. Dis place halped. A LOT!

                [puts horn back awn] ;-)

              4. Dat’s also why him haz propuller hat adn nawt a tin-foil wun! :)

              5. WOOOT!!!! Egg salad!!! Ai fink dit be a gud fing. He is here so often and if teh wurk gets shared, dere be less for awl, aifinkso.

            2. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{PK}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

              [hides twisted devil horns behind back]

              Phase 1: New wing at teh NB
              Phase 2: ???
              Phase 3: Profit

              Awl kidding aside… luv ya, babe. Fanks foar making dis place foar us. I sed it before, but it iz moar speshul tew us than yew’ll eber gno aifinkso.

              1. Ai ment tew dew dat, jes trying to figure owt hao tew (tenatively) test owt mai gnu powers. Stand by.

              2. Yay! It wurked.
                [plugz in bloo gold orinj linkee litening rod]

              3. Teensy bit speshial to me to, y’know. Pretty sure it’s the only place I’ve ever felt like I completely belonged, exactly as I am. Misst it desperately, and I are rite up there ohai on the list of peeps glad to have it back!

                It’s a learning curve fur all uv us, I still figuring stuffs owt tu. Try nawt ut destroy teh playse while eggsperimenting.

                Inna superhero moovie, this wud be teh cue fur a montage of lerning new abilitees, pawsiblee in slitely comical an embarrassing ways….

              4. hmmmm… * luks on wif interest as PK floats uppity to da seeling and den sticks der*

                I wunner wut gud dat power is?

                *watchez as PK attaches zippity line wif lots o hangy freds furr kool kitteh noms and floats bak down*

                OOOoooooo…. dat iz a kool power — da power un funtyme noms… PK haz it!

              5. Ai can only imagine teh prowd yew must hab wif yorself for creating it.
                [hazza littlol jellus]
                Ai don’t fink yew hab tew wurry abowt mii recking teh place. Yew haz an emeow. :oops:

              6. Some prowd an a lotta astonished an a fair bit uv skared, akshullee…

              7. Again, ai can onlee imajin.


                Just remember, we’re awl here wif yew (oh yeah, dat’s teh scary part).
                Anyway, we’ll bii here wif yew tew halp threw teh anxious bits.

              8. Ida been buying flanniks in bulk fur teh past couple weeks, otherwise. *schmooos*

        2. * Wheells inn teh pi cart full uf kreme pies.
          Piks up teh cokomonutz pi *

          Dis nawt mai Pi!!

          * taws it ober shouldur @ na66 *

          1. Da best fing about Pi iz dat it neber ends an iz neber da samez fing ina row … neberenin noms

          2. Oh see? Dat wuz mai prawblem. Ai had pi awl over mai face adn culd nawt copy pasta korrektly, and I didn’t even notiss corz ai wuz bizzy trying tew find mine own bonking stick. Dat musta been sum guud pi. *slurp* YUP!!!!

            Notiss hao WRr chose coconutz foar mii? :roll:

            [tossiz bananas kreem bak at WRr]

            1. Derza peetsa cart rowled in in honnur ub yr gnu awfiss upfred…eggstra tawpings…

              1. I can haz eggstraw cheez? Oh wait. Ai GAWT eggstraw cheez. In fact, dis iz cheezland ware ai can hab az mush cheez az ai wahnt. And, nawt dat carpy DOP cheez. Dis is primo stuff. (ooh stuff crust).

                *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom*

              2. Wait! WAIT!

                Ai gawt it! Peetsa pi!!!elebenty!!1!

                [slices awp peetsa adn tossiz it at everywun]

                *fwip* *fwip* *fwip*

              3. Oooh! Peetsa pi wif a bit over three thymes teh cheez? An wif bakon?

              4. ooh – anna negg on taupe!!!
                ai had a negg an bacon peetsa for dinner on moanday! omnomnomnomnom!


  9. ♫ “Wiiiise cats say…
    only fools crochay…. :roll:

    1. Ohai PJ, Haz a pi!!

      * frowes a applol kreme pi at to pj *

      1. Fanks, WRr! *Noms pi* *Throws some back at to WRr* I likes to share! :mrgreen:

  10. Consul, the Almost Human

    Ya know when that cat bites, with his teeth, babe
    Scarlet billows start to spread
    Fancy gloves, though, wears old MacHeath, babe
    So there’s nevah, nevah a trace of red

      1. Consul, the Almost Human


  11. Ai wanna noe wut lub iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz….
    Ai wants yoo tew sho miiiiiiiii….

    Kitteh says *shwimps are a gud wai to sho yoo lubs miiiiiii*

    1. ♫♪ In my lyfe thar’z bin hartayche adn payne
      Ai doan’t gno if ai kin face it agin
      Cawn’t stawp noa, Ai’b trabeld sew far
      Tew chanj dis loanly lyfe ♫♪

      [feels meloncollie nao]

      1. O Noes!!!! Ai did nawt wants dis to happen! (Melons adn collies nawt go togevver beri well…)


        *Kitteh changes toon*…

        Ai’s gawt teh joy, joy, joy, joy, down in mah hart
        Down in mah hart, down in mah hart!
        Ai’s gawt teh joy, joy, joy, joy down in mah hart
        Down in mah hart toodai!

        *brings NC66 sum caek adn i skweem frum teh braekroom* Iz beddur?

  12. *in Ethel Merman voice: *
    Dairz NO bisniss liek SHO bisniss
    Liek NO bisniss ai NO

  13. Rawkr kitteh doing voice eksurseyesiz befoar teh kawnsirt… Pretty gud, akshulleh!

  14. ♫♪ Ai wanna singa
    Abowt teh moona anda joona anda springAAAAAAAAAAA ♫♪

    1. Abawt a skye ob bloo-a adna tea for too-a
      Enny fing-a wif a swing-a to an “Ai lubs yoo-a”…

      Yay fur Cat Calloway!

    I’m not just one of your many toys ♫ :mad:


    1. *snikr*
      oooh – grate impreshun of Whitney!! u must’ve practised a lot!!
      bean singing it to bebbehbunneh??

      1. :D
        fanku, fanku *bows*
        I do in fact sing to babybunneh, butt hasn’t tried Whitney impreshun yet… ;)

    1. Yaaaa – D-R!!! grate 2 seeing u heer!!! :-D


    1. So win I wuz in aitff grade I wuz inna nart class wot had a rekord playur innit an stoodints cood bring reokords an play dem an stuffs wile making art.
      So dis wun gurl, adn she wuzza tuff gurl, brot dat^ 45 adn plait it ebbree day ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober and ober.
      Adn nobuddy cood stawp hur coz we wuz awl askeert uv hur.
      *wahndurz orf in surch ovva therapist*

  18. ♪ ♫ ♪ shee lubs me YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! ♫ ♪ ♫

  19. R yuz redee fur sum FOOTBAWLL???


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