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  1. Pettin nawt sekund – den werk!

    1. nope, pettin, den nomz, den werk. congroonz annipuss.

      1. Thx noodle – oh yiss, Ai fergottit nomz!

        1. Gaps! Yu fergittid noms?

  2. wen ai wuz a kittie, a pencil an peece ob paper wuz plenti.

  3. onions and petunias

    take me wif you on your trabbels!

  4. adn nip–doan forget the nip mowsies!

    1. adn the fevver onna stik–ai pwomis ai’ll only use it during cawfee brakes!

  5. Ohai! Ai brot yu a mowse for yor pewter, but ai eeted it.

      1. Ohai, annipuss, adn conga ratz to yu adn noodle awn yor tye.

  6. SooPURRvyzer kitteh … sooPURRvyzez

    1. A nice wun, until teh noms run owt.

  7. Really hoomin? Yoo’re walking into teh big meeting wif dat presentation?

    Heer, let kitteh fix it for yoo…

    Adds kitteh pictures
    Bats teh statistics awl ober teh screen
    Creates pie chart wif real pie


    1. Draws Xs adn Os for tikky takky toes
      Edges teh paypur wiff skallup cutz
      Fringez teh cubber paypur

      1. Grooms hoomin’s hare wif sandpaper tung
        Hidez importint papers frum u
        Insists awn being part ob presentashun
        Joins meeting wif nip mousie

        1. Kallz meating to orderer
          Loks offese atfer you leeve sos kan naps in peece
          Milk break…I can haz???

        2. Koreografz artistic dans interpretation (wut?!? u don’t duz dat in ur meetingz?
          Leevz paw printz on deh bosses copy
          Moove kitteh nomz to nomber wun priority

          1. Uh-oh, we hazza meeting ob da mynds *snerk*

          2. Nomz kitteh nomz
            Opinz charj akownt undur ur naym
            PURRchasiz moar kitteh nomz wif charj akownt

            1. Qwits halpin for a breef nap
              Rezooms teh halpifying
              Sits awn hoominz showlder

              1. Ohai, Catburgh!

                Taystz Prittee Wun’z hayr
                Undurr stayt a *Koff* and ‘Pleh!’
                Voyssez oapinnyunn!

                Wisskurz bendz slytlee
                X~amminz Fresh Liddurr Bawkkz
                Yawwwwwwnz ekkspekktantlee!!

                ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz!!! :-)


              2. Wo0t! Grate finnish, Jack!

              3. *clappity clappity*
                Datz teh awsum, Jack! An ohai-ku finnish 2 teh alfamabitz!

  8. Ohai, ebbeewunz!

    Awffiss Kitteh sez:
    “STELLA!…Wii needz moar stoareez
    reegardeengz CatzNip!”!

    Awffiss Kitteh sez:
    “STELLA!… Wii habbengz Toona
    Treetz 4 Luntch 2day?”!!

    Awffiss Kitteh sez:
    “STELLA!… Wut U meenz itz Tyme
    2 goez Vee Eee Tee?!!”!!! :-)


    1. OOhh, V-E-T – bummer :oops:

      Ohai Jack! Congaalfabitulations awn ur ending da alfabit & a hi coo! (U iz smart)

  9. Smithers, we’re sending you to Borneo. Go home and pack your bags.

    1. Ohai, Meezer Mom andz ebbeewunz!

      “NAWT Bornee~O!”
      Ekkskalymz Smithurrz Kitteh. “Dayr’s
      no CantzNip dayr!”!

      “Bornee~O habz LAWTZ
      tall treez 2 clymz, but nawt dat
      mennee Napz Playssez!”!!

      “Bornee~O habz LAWTZ
      fissheez, but fawrr 2 menneee
      ‘Pleh!’ Awkktopussez!”!!! :-)


      1. :shock: *yoinks kitteh adn wunsawaiwifakwikness* Nawt to wurree bowt bornee oh, k?

  10. Yahhhh get back ta work

  11. Mii oar teh kompyootur. Chooz wyzlee, hoomin… chooz wyzlee.

    1. *Luuks arownd*
      Wate, iz dis teh Cash Cab?? Iz dat Ben Bayleee? Hao ai ended up heerz??

  12. boss kitteh iz bossing.

    1. yup – that about sums it up!!!

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