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  1. Address me az “Ur Hioness”

      1. Aifink Ai tryed 2 dans 2 dat wen it wuz a noo sawng! Ai wuz stil at skule in ’55.

  2. Wy yesh, ai amz da monark uv awl ai sir vay. Fanks fur askin.’

  3. Aize awna rock, uze inna hard plaise

    1. :shock: Yoiks!
      *Luuks behynd teh rock for Cap’n Kirk, becaws dis luuks liek wun ob enny number ob settings ware he fot wif ovver-whirldly creechurs.*

      1. Ai wunnered if ai waz teh onlee wun whu thinked that. :lol:

        1. Him wudda had less luck against this lady, aifinkso…. nawt fink her wud hazza impressed bai teh artfully ripped uneeform shirt eever….

  4. “Sometimes I sits and think, sometimes I just sits”

    1. Adn sumtiems Ai shtinks. Wayt, wat?

  5. Awl teh way to teh tawp? Nooooo, aifinknot… Iz mai rock. Yoo cans be leavin’ or yoo cans be lunch.

  6. Ah!!! Dat Red Shurted kitteh wuz a nise topperz to mae lonch!! *BURP*

    1. Oh noze — Capt Kirk wuz der and he pushdid poor BC kitteh inta da Lioness’sss’sss’ss (how manee ssssess furr a posssessssibe?) mouif!!

      BC wuz rite, wuz nawt a gud part himz gotted….

  7. She is sayin, This is mai abowt-tu-Pounse pose. Yu run bai an I’ll see iffn I can pouncify yu. Reddy?

    1. Izza fun game! Mai favrit!

  8. Just insidentally *she sed casually* ai has enuff belleh pics tu splort haf teh whirrld. Fur abowt three days solid. Gonna take AP’s suggestion an start tumorro duing wun per day as a teezer. If yu know cheezpeeps whu nawt been here yet, tell them tu come take a look on Fursday, mebbe share teh advance beleh pics on teh facebork or sumfing to lure tehm in… while they be splorted all over teh place, we can tie tehm tu teh furnichurs an talk them intu hanging out here, or sumfing. :lol:

    Also, mai Freya just purrvided me wif two more belly pics. *goes tu add tu Gallery cause ai nawt good at capshuns but betcha sumwun can fikn uv wun*

    1. Duz wii habs enuff supplize in teh Recubbery Lounge? Iz teh Kart reddy to goe?

      1. *takes annuver peek at teh folder uv belleh pics*
        *wunners hao to fit in just wun oar tu moar*

        Aifinkso we shud order moar supplies.

        *picks up phone*
        Ohai, ACME CCC Supplies? Duz yu deliver bai lolofant-load?

        1. An if ennywun finks ai eggzajerating… just yu wayt!

          1. hay, did yoo guize noe dere’s a lolifant in teh Splort Rekubbery Lownj?

    2. Dat Freya’s got KWITE da bellie!! Gudgud pik — spotty bellie; stretchin babbeh AND teeney tinee pointee ends!!

      1. Her be very hard on mai brayns… preddy much daily splortajes wif her arownd. Izza wunner ai haz enny brayns left at all….

  9. I just let him *fink* hez King awf teh Four S.

    1. GMTA! “Aslan’s on vacay, Ai’s fillin’ in heer in Narniland…”

    2. Catena – i fink that is the situation for most couples! :)

  10. Ohai, ebbeewunz:

    Majjesstikk Kitteh
    sez: “Ubz coarss U knoez dis iz
    MY KWEENDUMM…. Goez ‘way!”!

    Majjesstikk Kitteh
    flekkssez hurz Poyntee Endz andz
    cleerz hur froat to ‘ROWR!!”z!!

    Majjesstikk Kitteh
    habz Groandz Up Bebbehz. Nawt needz
    2 duz dat mutch moar!!! :-)


  11. “Hm. Explorers.”

    (courtesy James Thurber, although his cartoon had a seal on a rock saying this.)

  12. Consul, the Almost Human

    I bring home the bacon

    1. Duz yew fry it awp inna pan too? *swoons*

      winks at AP

      1. Consul, the Almost Human

        No pans in the savanna.
        (I remember that commercial)

        1. Well, der gawt two bees kill its arown’ der sumware.

        1. *clappity* *clappity* *clappity*
          Dat iz wun sexxy woman.

          Foar uh pig. ;-)

          1. Omahgudness! Dat am awlso wun seksy piggeh!

          2. Waytaminnit! Ai saw dat teeny tipe! Am yo insin yoo aytin sumfin abowt teh incredimal Rakwel?

            1. Silly CB. Yew know ai wuz bein’ ironic.

              [*boop*s CB awn…teh dishwasher] ;-)

              1. *gigglols* Hay, ai hoaps fings ar going well wif teh gnu grandsun.

        2. Consul, the Almost Human

          Yow, I remember that when that episode came out, as well. When 60 Minutes did a feature on Jim Henson, they showed clips from the ‘making of’ that Welch/Piggy clip. Good times, good times…

  13. O hai. I eated the zookeeper. Burp – sorry.

    1. Nawt tu wurry, isle tel ’em hi went tu lunch !!

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