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  1. Kan’t get wildee beests deez daiz!

    1. Conga-lyonz on ur fur vest frum Last, Anni!!!

      1. Thx Bud – congrats 2 u 2!

        1. CongabigbigBIGkittehs to anni adn Bud foar yoar tye!

    2. Oh boy!! wii can hazza tie!!
      *skamperz tu deh tiy booteek*

  2. Da lyon nawtz sleepz!!!!

    1. A-wim-a-way-a-wim-a-way…..

      1. *faylsetto*


        1. Aifinkso teh wrinkloled noze sez it awl..

          ♫ Inn teh rivur
          Teh ripplin rivur
          Teh lyon fynds owt hee duznt reely like nommin mellooooooooons tonite ♫

          1. Snerkahaha!

            *blows bf a shmoo*

  3. Nawt eggzaklee a guzelle butt(!) . . . it’ll do.

  4. Darn it, seh’s goin tu whappity me iffn ai nawt get tihs melon back fur dinner, but ai spent aaaages backcombin mai mane tihs mornin…

    1. *nods* Lyonz iz soooooo sheeek.

      1. aifinkso tihs wun am vain tuu!

        1. Yup. In fack, iffn yu looks at teh pitchur agin yu will seedat teh lyon is axshoolly pooshin teh bawl/melolon/buoy/flotee-fing owtta teh way so himz can gaze wif rapshoor at himz own face

          1. Heem name iz Narsisssusss

    2. Vurrie Teena Turner inspyrd, yesh… Brilliant!

      Rollin… Rollin… Rollin wif da mellunz…
      Left an awld cod awn da ribbersyd
      Stinkin lyk a fish adn awld lima beans…

      1. Butt — heem iz a boi lyon… den agin Tina Turnerz sumtyme luks kinds boi-ee

        Ifinksw dat dis iz a Disk-co lyon — wif heem beeg hairs — yoo fink he kin stand onna heem bak legs an dans da Disk-co Feber ala JonnJonn Ravolta?

        1. Disco is not dead! Disco is LIFE!

  5. ♪ ♬ ♪
    U kant hide ur lyon aiz
    Adn ur smile am a thin dis guyz
    I thot bai now u’d realize
    Dehre ain’t no way tu hide ur lyon aiz.

    1. *gigglol* idk mai cween. You comb that mane rite and he won’t be able to see a thing!

  6. Whelp, since no wun else is gunna say it…





    1. *tramplolz ebbreewun in deh rush tu git in deh car*

      Uh-oh, guise??? wii in trubblol. Dis car am an Impala!!!! :shock:

      1. *drives up in a klassic convertiblol Triumph car frum TTI*
        Kwik, get in THIS car!!
        Uh-oh tihs am nawt gonna werk, tihs am a Stag!!! 8O

        1. One of my first cars was a Triumph. WOW…this brings back memories…of being stranded…of being rained on (even when the convertible top was pulled “shut”)…of the door –driver’s side– falling off one day…of the horn getting stuck, while I was behind a cop car…

          Still, I love(d) that car. Traded it in for … I am not kidding … Chevy Impala. Which I promptly got stuck in one of those TIGHT German parking garage/houses. Had to dismount front and rear bumpers to get moving again. Never bothered putting them back on. Two weeks later, engine blows up on Autobahn. I did not know one had to change/check oil occasionally.

          1. :lol:
            Triumphs were great! I know nothing about cars I just love the way those classic Triumphs look!
            I remember my sister’s first boyfriend had a Spitfire and a Dolomite and as a kid I thought they were very cool :)

      2. o nose!!!
        *tramplolz ebbreewun in deh rush tu git in deh ovver car*

        Uh-oh, guise? Dis car am a Cougar!!!!

        1. *tramplolz teh few remaynin bystandurs tu git in deh ovvr kar*

          Aaiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Diz wuns a Jaguar!

          Weer doooooooomed!!

          1. *pees inna flannik*


            *pulls up inna rusty awld Fiat Panda inna clowd ov smoak*

            kwick, get tin teh car!!!
            EBBRYWUN luvs Pandas rite??

            1. Fiat Panda! ROFL!!!!

              1. I haada ooogle to see a Fiat Panda — da noo iz kinda coot; but da oldz wuns — YOhY did dey names suchha ooglee kar a panda??

          2. *pushes hubby-cats car into view* we can get in this alfa, but i can’t drive stick!

            1. *my hairz be whippin bak and forff* Ohhhh… I finks i gotz whip lash — I kin dribe a stik iffin yoo needs halp!

          3. Wii can get in dat plymouth, wayte … itza barrycuda

            1. Nooo…. dis wae — git inna dis Mustang!! Eet goes purty fast!

              1. Ai’d bring my Corvette, but it only holds free peeps. Fibe if dey sits on toppa da T-tops.

              2. Ohhhh.. Dat krossbar atween da legs cud getz a beet unkomfortabobble iffin we hits enne bumpitybumps …

      3. How about a Leyland Tiger coach?

        (note teh paw prints and teh registration number plate)

        1. bus knowlij…yu haz it!!

      4. Hay eberbuddy!!! Kwik — jump inna heers — in dis Pinto… Den we awl jumpz out and hopi dat da lyon crashes inta da rear end o dis car … :-O

    2. *sssttt – NC66 you forgetted da nawt sekund werd: JEEBUS!*

      1. Ai haz a puzzloled. Whair am tihs meme, teh ‘Jeebus Krais, it’s a Lion, Get in teh Kar!’ coming from in teh nawt sekund playse? Was it en a movie???

        1. See


          Jesus Christ It’s a Lion Get In The Car! is an expression often used to caption image macros featuring photos of lions or other felines, which was popularized on the /b/ (random) board of 4chan in 2006. It is often paired with the emoticon >:3, which is meant to represent the face of a lion


          The first known instance of the phrase “Jesus Christ it’s a lion get in the car” appeared in a Toothpaste for Dinner[1] webcomic titled “Basic Electronic Symbols” posted on August 30th, 2005.

          1. Awl hale da Ooogle!

    3. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!elebenty!1!
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
      I got orf wurk adn jes caim bak tew czech awn teh cawmint ai left dis mornin’.
      And, I’m cryin’ here.
      And, I fink ai pee’d uh liddlol.
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Yew guys crack mii awp!

      1. Az lawng az yu pee’d inna flannik, yu wil b fyne.

  7. Noe gnus iz bad nooz!

  8. Skuze meh mr lyon, but wayre izz teh YNG dat wuz in dat hardhat?

    1. U noez YNGs are minyunz nawt noms right? right?

  9. Frum teh Wizzard ob Aahz:
    ♬♫♪♩ ‘F ai wuz king ob teh four est . . . ♬♫♪♩

  10. Hairclub for lions. He ate not just the president, but also a client! LOL

    I tell ya, tho, all kidding aside, that is an AWESOME mane, and a great color. It’s incredibly tough to keep blonde from brassing out really badly, and the ends from splitting…so that do causes just the littlest bit of jealousy on my part! :)

  11. Sittin on teh docka da bae, keepin teh hed frum rollin awae…

  12. Dis pixor merins mii ub a lol ai mayd awn DOP

    Dunnbo am dis ao u du teh linkees? Ai yam pyooter ignrunt x lebentee….

    1. *snerk*
      Kitty hawks. Odat am berry gud, GM!

      An teh linkee caem froo juss fine.

      1. Fanx Sneezee!

        1. Dat piktor reminded mee ub wen wee ooze hare gels onna Spencer puppeh’s hed ta gibs heem FoeHawk…

          I hazta ta see iffin ate haz a piktor — heem English Springer Spaniel hares wuz gettin awl long an fluffy sews Aye gots sum gel and puttdid it into a leetol foehawk — wuz sew beery koot!!

  13. Eyewipe my hair back and forth
    Eyewipe my hair back and forth
    (Jess wipe it)

    Eyewipe my hair back and forth
    Eyewipe my hair back and forth
    (Wipe it real good)

    Eyewipe my hair back and forth
    Eyewipe my hair back and forth
    Eyewipe my hair back and forth
    Eyewipe my hair back and forth

    Hop up outta bed, turn ma swag on
    Payz no attenshuns to dem haters ‘Bcuz we wipe ’em off
    An wii ain’t doing nothin rong
    So don’t tell mii nothin, Eyema just tryna have fun
    So keep the party jumping

    So WASSUPPP?(Yea)
    And Eye’ll be doing what to do, we turn our back
    And wipe our hair and just shake them off
    Shake them off, shake them off, shake them off

    1. Ear wurm x elebentee. >.<

      1. Yoo kno likee Willow Smith — da fress princess ub Bell Aire??

        1. I liek hur juss fien–she bee cyoot azza button. Butt(!) teh wurm onlee nose wun line:

          I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf I whip mau hares bakk adn forf . . . :mad:

  14. Nat tekniklee a music-related pic, but taht mane just skreemed 80s hair band at me… LOL

    1. *grabs mike stand*
      *leanz over reel low an beltz owt*
      pour sum shoogar on meeee!

      1. *joins kenkar at teh mike*
        sweet chaiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiild ov miiiiii eeeeee iiiiinnn!

    2. HAY!! Jest to let yoo kno — I’m onna da site AT WERKZ!! Apearantlee wee iz no longer fought too bee malware — WHOOOOT WHOOOOT ….

      1. Woohoo!!!!!!
        *scoots to email Cholius to give it a try*

        1. Drat – still blocked for Cholius. *sigh*

          1. Ai kan git awn at mai werk.

  15. Give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair
    Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen
    Give me down to there, hair, shoulder length or longer
    Here baby, there, momma, everywhere, daddy, daddy

    Haaaaaaaaaiiir, flow it, show it
    Long as God can grow, my hair

    1. Led it flai in teh breeze and get cawt in teh trees
      Giv a hoam tu teh flees, in my hares
      A hoam fur flees, a hive fur teh buzzin bees
      A nest fur birdees, theer am nawt wurds
      Fur teh byooty, splenda, teh wunner ov mai hares!

      *scritches hed* 8O

      1. *handz gumbie uh rhinestone studded flee coller*
        *gigglolz an runz away*

        1. ooo shiney …and funk shunall :)

      2. oooh teh mewsik uv mai yoot……. WIN! Fankee fur dat eerwurm, y’all!

        wut ebber happn tu teh Kowsillz, ennyways?

          *sorry – ai wuz out mosta yesterdai*

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