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    1. ai smella ratt!

  1. Yu hazza scent…

    1. No, I caim bai maiself !! Arks enniwun ;)

  2. Scuse me — whut ARE yu?

    1. looks, um, ratty to me.

      yesh, defintly a rat-liek noze on him.

      1. Sorry, yes he’s a rat – black self dumbo. Oh – and the critter on the right is a cat! LOL!!

        1. Sum peeps go :shock: wen dey seize rats. Mebbe shud call him “a critter ob teh rowdint perswayshun.” ;-)

          1. Oar, yu cud say, “Norwegian Whip-Tailed Squirrel!”

  3. uz enebuddy else up?

    1. i’z heer, iz just mid-evening heer in teh pafisik time zone.

  4. Ai bleeb wii hazza brayd!! Congas tu abbycat an carosue tu!!

    1. a kinda loanli middul-uv-da-nite brayde…

      1. *spriklols cornflakes cornfettis*
        *pulls abbycat into teh conga lion*
        Conga conga con GAH!

  5. ***Important news!!1!1!!***
    nc66 just announced in teh last lol that teh grandbebbeh iz heer!! Let’s sellibrate!
    conga conga conGA!
    conga conga conGA!

    1. Conga conga conGA :D !!

      Littlol duz NC’s dotter kno, teh hoal wurld wuz wayting faw her baby ;)

      Wel, ai spoze NC cud hab tald her :roll:

    2. Conga-rats, BC!!!!!!!

      We can haz baby shower, beelatidly? :-)

      1. yesh! adn whut will we bring?
        babee bonnetts
        catnip (we know who brought that!)

        1. elegant pink-decorayted caeks
          finger sammiches
          gud lukk wishes
          happy smiles :D

          1. iced cakes (yet neither hot nor cold)
            jump-soot (wiht kitten pattern)
            koala kuddly toy

            1. liddle teenytiny sokses
              many bibs
              nappies (aka diapers)

              1. Ober-stuffifyed teddeh barez,
                Pinkee EBBRYFING,
                Qute liddlol frillee cloves,

              2. Rattlols to shake adn make noises
                Stufft kitteh-dolls to hug
                Teddeh-bares wif lots of floof

              3. Unnershirtz in syze “bitty”,
                Verrrrry sawwwwft blankeez,
                Wundermus fambly adorashun,

              4. :-)
                Deh behbehs khen neber haz 2 meny unershirtz n blankees!!

              5. Undies, awl ruffly, taht the nappies go insied ov
                Very meny colorful pretties to hang over crib,
                Wunsies in awl kulurs, nawt jus pink,

              6. Unershirtz, sized teeny-tye-nee
                Vuree sauft blankee
                Widdle boo-tees

              7. X-tra floofeh plushee kitteh
                Yellow flutterbies to hang on the crib
                Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s for the new mummeh!

                Conga rats an mambo meeces on ur nyoo granbebbeh!
                Shampers for all!

          2. Ohai, lunarmommy andz ebbeewunz:

            Inkredibbllee kewt
            Jakkettz ubz Peenk Flooffee Stuffz
            Krisspee Kreem D’OH Nutz!

            Lawllee Pawpz~ Awll Kyndz
            Mowntinnz ubz Flooffee Pilloz
            Napz Tyme Cummfoarturrz!!

            Oppyoolent Blankeez
            Peenkee Peenk Ebbeefeengz
            Quyitt Playss to Feenkz!!! :-)



    3. :shock: Oh mai! Uh sir prize bebbeh shower. Cheezpeeps iz so fotful! :-D :-D :-D
      [gavvers awp awl the prezeez tew taik tew grandson]
      Let the spoyling begin. :mrgreen:

    1. iz gud to bring bebbehs into the werld, aifinkso–dey are almost as much fun as kittehs *nods*

  6. Ohai !! Ime hungree nd ai wuz tawld yoo wud hav mee faw dinnah !!

    1. :shock:

      (psst, rattie, finkso dis restrawnt haz losted its helf certificayshun, if yoo gets my meening)

      1. Yoo sayeng rats doan belawng heer :( ??
        ** tehn isle go tu teh kitschen wair ai kno thayr am awlwaiz ratties :razz: **

        1. i’z saying teh kitteh duznt want to hab yoo for *dinner*
          him wants to hab *yoo* for dinner :shock:

          1. Hee, hee, LM !! Ai kno taht …. ime juss playeng alawng az teh rat ;)

            *cheers up* It’z gud tu kno ime reeli dezired faw dinnah :D ….. * wate, wot ?? 8O *

            1. Evreewun wants tu feel wanted! *innosent*

              1. Troo dat, PK !! Unles it’z teh ef bee eye taht wantz tehm ;)

  7. dubble ajent rattie reporting to himz contact Orinj X

    1. :LOL:
      Seekrit passwerdz,’ “Teh purplol goggie howl zat teh fool moon”..Oar wuzzit, “Teh fool goggie howl zat teh purplol moon?”…

      1. ♫ Itz only a purplol moon
        Floating over an orange cat,
        Butt (!) teh rodentz are frends-nawt-fud
        So pleeze doan’t bite teh rat… ♫

        1. Ohai Lungdoc! Hao yu am dis ebeneen? Am it layt ware yu r?

          1. Ohai gunnersmama! Sorri Ai didnawt see yur kwestion till nao. Ai am fine, fanks. It iz gettin so late heer taht it iz earlee. (2:35 AM local time). Ai was awai for an hour trying to change the pixel-count in a batch of potential Gallery pictures but I seem to have put the picture-resizing program into some kind of loop adn it just kept saying “loading” for an hour. My luck tonite iznawt “in.” Will try again tomorro. (Later today, Ai meenz.) Ai hope yu are well adn happi! *Waves adn does a few steps of teh happitayl dansdansdans before falling asleep* ZZZzzzz…

  8. BTW, in teh last 24 owrs, haz been lotsa lols coming in… sum am peeps capshuning own pics, sum from DOP profile stores, a few from peeps capshuning gallery pics, sum gallery pics, a few from peeps trying owt teh flickr-etc approach…. sum uv tehm frum lurkers and sum frum peeps sending me stuffs fur teh nawt-sekkund time!

    Teh creatibity an tel clebberniss am amazings. :-D

    Nao, teh trikky part: what tu du abowt purrfect theme-day lols that am eever tu menny fur a day or am sekkund and fird frum saym purrson. Aifinkso we will has theme day part deux’s…. Altho teh belly wun, we cud has part trois an part cat! Ai running owt uv dukky taype to holding my brains tugevver!

    Evvywun whu knows peeps whu nawt been heer yet, tell tehm tu lukk in on Belly Thursday an see teh splortayshusness. Mebbe they will stay. :lol: Whu can resist kitteh bellies?

    1. Yeff, aifinks iffn u has tuu meny fur a theem day, u can eeber puttin dem up sum obber tyme as reglar lolz, or sayv dem for anubber saym-theem day in teh fyootur, or eben, lyke in teh kayse ob teh bellehs, mebbe gib us wun or tuu teh day(s) befoar tu getting owr heddz reddy for teh mayjur splortayshussness soon tu kom. Myte has fyooer payshunts for teh CCC operayturz dat way.

      1. Hmm… using a couple as pree-vues, ai did nawt fink of that fur sum reezun. *eyes teh bellies folder, wif enuff fur two full days an then sum* Iz a guud ideaa, that.

        Having goned thru teh new stuffs, ai gonna add a cupple fings tu upcoming pawsible theme days, aifinkso. *trots off tu edit teh Theme Days page*

  9. I love seeing my babies here! The reason it’s blurry is because it’s an “Oh Crap!” moment. I was adjusting my cell phone to take a pic of Black and Milo showed up unexpectedly. :)

    1. Ohai, short1fry! Candid pics ar teh best, aifinkso!

      1. Yes they are – it’s the predator-prey thing that concerned me at the moment! Even though it’s blurry, it’s still one of my favorite pics <3

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