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  1. *runs round inna frenzy*
    which lol to commint????

    1. Twies teh ufn!

  2. O, noze !! Kitteh haz a Star-Trek red-shirt … say it izzint sew !!

    1. *whispurrs*
      kitteh is urly!!!
      he’s obveeusleh a bit over eggsited about tomorrows silly eneebreeashuns!!!!

      1. Silleh eneebreeashuns? Tomoro? Tel me moar!

        1. Star Trek theme day tumorro, MMM !! See rhs ==============>>>>> nd up

        2. BC iz stukk inna tiyme warp aifinkso.

          1. Himz wuz sposta bee inna Rocky Horror Piktur Show?

          2. It’s an anonomaloly in teh spacetime continuinuinuinuum!

            1. Hey! Dats howz da Space Goggie gotted in da bush to scarez dat poor puppeh!

      2. Yesh, purraps wi shud moov forwerd nd Prysmah mite reschedule tihs wun tumorro ;)

        1. yes, we shud!
          *packs the caek, shampers, bloons an brings tehm to the noo lol*
          *leebs teh littlol Star trek figures out, ready for tomorrow*

  3. Deja vu awlreddee!

    1. Teh familiar tihngs am offen teh best !! Ohai, Anni n congas tuday :D

      1. Thx PB! Aifink Ai aer gonna be owt uv tuch 2dai – nebber seed enni Star Trek! (sept a fyoo traylerz and odd bits on uchoob)

        1. Ai juss nao googloled William Shatner, who wuz Captain James T Kirk ov teh Starship Enterprise, tu find hims am 81 nd ai tihnk stil acting !!
          * Nd he’z a Canajun, sew PKnS nd LOW nd Nicewitch nd Princess Taya nd menni moor prolly kno him ;) *

  4. Red duzzint suit hims at all !!

  5. He wants the leed part! he want sto bee the Kaptin!!!

    1. Beems him owt ov tehre, awlreddi ;)

      1. oh nose! Scotty!!! I wasn’t ready!!!!

        1. * Sets teh beam goeng agenn tu pick up teh uvver harf ov Nenne … Ai hoep wi can put her bak tu gebber wuns moor :oops: *

          1. hmm… this feels a bit straynj….
            Walking on my hands could be interesting – but eeting with my feet? :shock:

            erm – could you put me froo the beem wunce moar? please?

            1. o.O 8O
              * turns awn beem wiv sentry fuge sew ebbryfing spins intu place *
              Tehre yoo am, Nenne !! Hoap yoo nawt dizzy !!

              1. *spins round – steps on Anni’s sooper gloo*
                ack!! ai stuck!!!
                Caek wud help!!!

          2. Ai gotta choob uv soopergloo!

            1. Taht stuff can bi dayngeruss nd ai wudnut want enni mistakes awn mai hans !!
              * puts awn glubs *

  6. Tiem Ai wuz owt uv heer! BBL, Bai!

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