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  1. Ebbri offiss needz wun!

  2. Reddy tu halp u wiff teh pakking napping.

    1. An teh shreddin!

      1. Haz!Ai want mai ownz

        1. agreed! werk wood be soo much more fun wif an office kitteh!

          1. I dunno — dey doh-nut typititytype berry well butt day awlwais insist onna tryin it eeneewae! Specially wen yoo iz trin ta typititytype yer self

            An Missy Pebbles iz berry gud at turnin awn funkshuns i didnit eben no wuz onna mi puter!!

  3. At last! Mai old offis am sewwww giraffety *wraps sleepin kitteh rownd neck*

    1. I could have done with a kittyscarf the last office I worked in – being part-time I got teh worst seat. I did make the point by wearing my scarf when it was really cold.

      I didn’t go as far as one former colleague (somewhere else) who would wear his trilby hat in the office when it was cold (with a balaclava under it when it was very cold) – he was a bit eccentric even by the standards there…

      1. :D since I was the newbie in grad school, I got the seat in the room with all of the pewters – they kept it really cold, so i wore sweaters even during the upstate NY summers!

      2. yesh ai haz a carpy seat inna girafft and ai werks wiv fresh-air freeks whu haz teh windoes opin and deeclair (mmm eclair.) taht it am “lublee and warm owt” wen it am onlee elebenty digrees! :roll:

        1. We kinnawt open da winderz inna mai oarfase — iz too ohai an dey bee worried sumwun mite leep owt!! :O

  4. heers teh burfday fairy to say HAPPEE BURFDAY to Sonya, Eubie, Eulalia459678, Kat-Dawg an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday today! i haz bringd yummy fudjy burfday caeks, key lime caeks wif fluffy cocomut frosting, iskreem, sparkly party punch, fansee shiny party hats, an goodie bags filled wif frizbeez that make raynbows wen they fly, ittybitty sekrit notebooks wif invisiblol-ink pens (nawt invisiblol ink-pens, wich teh trolls at teh faktory thot it wuld be funny to make), kandee, an faymuss lolcats dot-to-dot buks wif colurd pencils! :D an a big swish ob teh burfday wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!


    an iz also teh burfingday ob Ohahtagoosiam, hoo organizifyed teh nawt-sekkund Dark an Stormy Nite story,hoo left us far too soon. heer are colurful baloonz an shiny markers to write messajes an send to teh meddow for goosie an anywun else hoo haz goned on ahed taht yoo wants to remember.

    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song (by Kafleen the Donkey):

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    ***if yoo want to make sure yoo are on teh Offishul (But Far Frum Compleet) Burfday List, plz to emeow me:
    burfdayfairy at gmail dot com

    1. *Taeks 2 bloons – wun fur mai huzbing hoo crost teh brij 20 yeerz ago yestidai an wun fur Ambercat – it wuz her nawt sekund anniversary az wel*

      1. {{{annipuss}}}

        1. {{{{{{{annipuss}}}}}}}

        2. {{{{{{annipuss}}}}}}

      2. Ohai anni! Thnx for teh reminding. It’s hard to believe taht it haz been taht long since we losted our friend Amber, aifinkso. *Sends mani bloonz… too mani bloonz… sailing softlee for friends who have gone before*

        1. Oooh, I awlmoast furgottid…
          *Aahz takes one more balloon*
          *writes “Lyantha” on it*
          *thinks of Ly dancing*
          *Aahz let balloon go to watch it disappear into the clouds*

          1. **Aahz rents helicopter**
            **flies up to Ly’s balloon**
            **corrects spelling of her name to “Lyanthya”**
            **Aahz returns helicopter**
            Whew — it awlmoast gottid awai wif mai miss-tayk onnit…

      3. {{{{{{{{{Annipuss}}}}}}}}}}} ♥

      4. I will not be here for a long time after Sat. morn….so in honour of my late husbin whose birthday is Sept. 26th, I grab a bright blue balloon and write “Miss you and love you always Rick” and let it soar to the heavens.

        1. we will miss seeing yoo {{{{{3kom}}}}} come bakk to us az soon az yoo can!

        2. {{{ 3KOM }}}, yoo tayk cayr, k?

      5. {{{{{{{{{{Annipuss an Hubcat}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    2. *takes balloon and writes – We miss you littlol Shadow-Girl -*
      *release balloon into teh sky*

    3. Duz yoo onlee listee da burfdaiz ub the hoomanz oar kin we awlso sendify yoo da burfdis ub da furry tings dat allow us to kontinu to lib inna our haus?

      1. if yoo wants to, yoo can sending me teh furry fings burfdays, tell me wut manner ob furry fing they be an hoo belongs to tehm :D

        1. Oh fankie beery much Missy Fairie — da furry fings da let me lib inna mai haus fangQ yoo wun less dan free!!

    4. *Aahz takes 3 balloons*
      *writes “Alley” on one for the fatcat who crossed the bridge several years ago*
      *writes “Rascal” on one for the “Rascally-Kitty” who crossed the bridge after her*
      *Aahz pauses in remembrance, then releases the two of them into the air*
      I missiz U 2 kittehz — I hoapz U can has teh funz adn teh fudz U lieks in teh Meadow

      *Aahz writes “Miri” on the last one for his dear silver classic tabby Scottish Fold who crossed the bridge a couple of days ago, but he just found out…*
      I missiz U awlsew, Miri-Kitteh … I noez U wuz livvin wif ur momcat n nawt wif me, sew I nawt gitted 2 C U beree offin … I missiz teh feedin U cheez adn ham, adn lissnin 2 U howl wif ur peenk pyp-kleenur, adn snorglin doze fyoo tymz win U wuz in teh mude 4 it … Has teh funz wif Alley adn Rascal …
      *Aahz pauses in remembrance again, wiping a tear from his eye*
      *Aahz watches as the last balloon rises, to join the other two that had mysteriously been waiting for it*
      *Aahz thinks of little silver floppy ears and big eyes lined in white, begging for cheese…*

      1. {{{{{{{AahzandAnniandEbreewun}}}}}}}}}

        1. {{{{{{{nennepus & 3kittehsownme & ebbreewun}}}}}}}

      2. (((((Aahz)))))

    5. *tayks red bloon an card an markur; rites…*

      Ohai, Dad! Ai just wants yoo tu noez dat ai lubs yoo an ai miss yoo ebry singlol day. Ai hoeps ware eber yoo am, mai Lucy am wiff yoo… hur alweighz lubbd laying unner yur desk. Aifinkso, liek me, yoo mayd hur feel sayf. Ai miss dat. ♥

      *lets bloon flote aweigh*

      1. ((((((SP)))))))

    6. {{{{{{{evreewun rembering their luvd wuns}}}}}}}

    7. wunse it woz so eezee
      adn luvvin woz so grand
      ai own lee had tu reech owt
      tu tuch yoo wif mai hand
      ai ownlee had tu speek owt
      ai nyoo ai wood be hurd
      teh messij taht ai luv yoo
      woz carreed bai eech wurd
      butt nao taht yoor nott heer
      ai send tihs bloon abuv
      tu tel yoo ai stil miss yoo
      adn bring tu yoo mai luv

      1. Absolutely sweet. *wipes eyes* Wonderful poem!

  5. *Taeks elebenty-four baaloons & rites “Bella” n “Ambercat” n mai dad n mai bruther n mai frend Tod awn dem*
    * Goze owtsyde & lawnchis baaloons in da sky*

    Bye Bye – I miss you awl :cry:

    1. (((((Cholius))))))

    2. *gibs Cholius a beeeg hug* :-(

  6. (((((Eberyone))))) Ai will be missin yu

    1. 3KOM–Wii will be thinking abawt yu an hoping tu seeings yu agen


  7. Oh great! My kitteh is here! :) clappity clappity

  8. Aaaaadn… Izza boi-kitteh! :-D #hazzaoffisprowd#

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