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  1. All ov yer jewlouree and kibblols are belong to me…to coin a new phrase…

    1. Ai letz U keep yer sole….until teh kibblol runz aowt.

      1. When teh kibblols run owt, someone will walk teh plank. :mad:

        1. Or even walk to the shop…

          1. :D

            Tihs boat haz a shoppe ?? Wel, abowt tiem !! Pie-rats hav bin wayting :)

            1. I once heard a mouse say ‘3.1415926535’

              Then I realised that it was a Pi-rat…

              1. Ba-dump-bump-tisssssh!

              2. Iffn dat izn’t a krime wervee uv teh ‘wawk teh plank’ PUNishmint, Ai dunno wat iz!

    2. Ai wuld cawl teh conga ratz tu dans, but dey are awn tehre pi rat ship chaysing teh toona fleetz.

      1. Aaarrrrr, tehn weel hab tu du owr own jig :D

        Steppy-step-step-step ♪
        Steppy-step-step-step ♫
        Step-steppy-steppy-steppy ♪
        Steppy-step-step-step ♫
        ** pie-rat jazz hanz ;) **

        1. *jig jig jiggol*

          1. Skratch dat last comment. Shud hab bin
            ♫ jig jig jiggol thump
            ♫ jig jig jiggol thump
            ♫ jig jig jiggol thump

            Is harder tu jig wif a pegleg adn wun jiggoly thai :-D

            1. Excellent Jig Lolling, muchcat :lol:

  2. Luuk at awl teh shiney!!!! :-D
    *puts awn pi rate hat adn patch*
    Ahoy thar, ye scurvy daw… :shock: … erm, kitteh! I claim that thar treasure in the name o’… ME! Now hand it over before I gut ye like a fish! Arrr!!!

    1. Nd …. ND….. FEVVERS :D

      Sawry, did sum crew member menshen FISH ??

      1. Ohai PB! Laik ur pi rate hat! :-D

        1. Hee, hee, thx !! Nd yoov hav spent a dubbloon oar moor awn yoor own, Benni :D

      2. Sadlee, de fevvers yoosd tu be de parrit-frend ob de ryval pyrat Oranjj Poysin.

  3. Aarrh, me harteez! Mornin/ ebnin/watebber!

    1. Ahoy, Annipuss nd harty conga-pi-rats faw yoor LOL nd Muchcat’s clebber pikky ;)

      1. Ahoy maytee! Thx fur teh congas!

        1. Fanks fur de capshun, Anni!!! Dis is de Dredded Dark Dot, scurge ob de libbin ruum.

          1. Thx Muchcat – Ai seed teh pikchoor an teh capshun praktiklee ritid itselb!

            1. P.S. Iz a lubblee pikchoor uv a byootimuss kitteh!

              1. O fankew. Dredded Dark Dot adn hur crew wer nawt innerestid in de dubloons atawl.
                Dey alsew nawt-sew mutch innerestid in de purls adn roobies adn gowld (must hab noed nun ob it was reel -pyrits habs a noes fur dat).

    2. Avast, Captain Anni! I be admirin’ yer avatar! :-D

      1. And yer captioning skills!

        Also, ARR me MuchCat Matey! I be admirin’ yer picture! :-D

        1. Fanksew adn Ohai Benni. Aifinsew wi hab not relly meetid *eggstenz floofy paw ob frenship* :shock: Sawrry, *puts daon dagger* *eggstenz paw wiffowt poyntee ends*

          1. Lol! :-D
            Ohai MuchCat!
            *eggsepts flooleh paw uvv frenship adn shaeks wif a vigarus*
            Awais a pleshur tu meet, oar re-meet, fellow cheezpeeps!

      2. Ahoy me hartee! Thx fur teh approobin uv mai drorin!

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