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  1. Yes, that really is Eva-teh-Diva and Cory-Bear. :-)

    1. Wus jus skrollin frew teh lolz adn fawt…DAT’Z EVA!!! :-D

      1. Iz alzo berry fittinging dat Eva adn Cory b teh nawt sekkund lol heer!!


  3. Seanya didn’t recognize tehm at nawt-sekkund. *giglol* Ai had to promise is reel pic an nawt shopped an reely is Diva-an-Bear. Shoulda seen her looking at Cory when him came by! LOL

  4. deese iz kuette kittehs! =^!^=

  5. dey haz a berry heaby load of keeuute to Diva-an-Bear!

    1. Tehm bebbycats was ssoooooo hard on mai braynium, an caused soooooo manny splorts all ober cheezland frum teh frekwent uppydates! Oh teh brayns ebreewhair!!!

  6. It r cuz we rest hard dat we can plais hard! ;-) Dis be der libbin pruff of teh orejuns ob geddin mai beeutee sleep aifinkso

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