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  1. I gibs dem goggies a purrfek 10!!

    1. Congrats, JDK!

      1. Forgiv mai manners! :oops: Con-goggie-lations on teh furvest frum last, JDKatt!!

      2. Yep, Aifinkso!!!!

      3. iz goggies in sheeps clothing. theez goggies iz not qwite wolfs, tho.

        1. nawt woofs butt ebil ankl-biters!

  2. Wowza!!
    ai be furst?
    *hands out kattnip kookees and ranebow buble water*

    1. *whispers* we hab a kustum nawt 2 yooz teh ‘f’ werd, prifurrin 2 sai nawt sekund oar furvest frum last. Dat wai we sho we aer moar rifiend dan uvver plaesiz! Wen u get teh nawt sekund, peepl offer u congrats an noms an drinkies (Awl noms an drinkies heer hab noe kalreez oar alkyhol.

      1. But Ai haz no problum taking sum noms! *Snatches katnip kookees nomnomnom* Congasynkronizedratz 2 u JDK! (awn ur nawt-sekund) :smile:

    2. conga goggies on teh nawt-sekkund, jdkatt! an fankies for teh kookies an bubly water :D

      heer, i haz bringd brownies an sody pop :D enuff for evreewun! oh, an i see burfday fairy haz been heer wif caeks an goodies :D

    3. conga rats on ur nawt-sekkund nawt-sekkund!
      *yoinks a katnip cookie and goes zoooming round cheezland*

  3. neggst up in the goggie lympic pentaflon
    synchro niced nomming!

  4. Dey luuk soft az lammies.

    1. maybe they is sheep-doggies?

      1. Duz dat meen izza guud fing oar uh bad fing dat dey hab fleece?

  5. heers teh burfday fairy to say HAPPEE BURFDAY to Kitteh_Kat_Celia, DubbLE_TaiLZ an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday today! i haz bringd yummy fudjy burfday caeks, spice caeks wif brown sugar frosting, iskreem, fizzy frooty party punch, fansee shiny party hats, an goodie bags filled wif bownsy balls that lite up wen they bownse, curly-fur goggie finger puppets for sinkronized puppet trikks, kandee, an glo-in-teh-dark alien robot stikkers! :D an a big swish ob teh burfday wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!


    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song (by Kafleen the Donkey):

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    1. oh, an a remindifyer: if yoo wants to make shur yoo are on teh Offishul (but far frum Compleet) Burfday List, plz to emeow me, burfday fairy, at:

      burfdayfairy at gmail dot com

    2. WOot! Happy Burfingday to awl teh Cheezpeeps sillybraytin a speshul day today! Fankys, Burfdayfairy! *schmoo*
      *puts a glo-in-teh-dark alien stikker awn teh bownsy ball, goes into teh clawsit adn . . . *
      Ooooh! Dublol lite ups! :-)

      1. Ooopsy, forgotted tu menshun dat you must close teh clawsit doar adn tern awf teh lite to getting teh proper effekt. ;)

    3. Who wants curly-fur goggie finger puppets for sinkronized puppet trikks, kandee, an glo-in-teh-dark alien robot stikkers! Everybody, that’s who! :)

    4. Hoppy birfingday tu awl teh Birfday Peepz!
      *triez goggie fingor puppit trikks*
      *attempts additional complexity by walking adn chewing gum at teh same time*
      *walks intu a door post adn falls ober*
      *makes goggie-puppits take a bow*
      Ta-Da! :D

      1. Dat’s kwite talonted ob u!

    5. Ohhh – bouncy lited bawls!

  6. Fankees burfday fairee n happee burfday tu da cheezpeeps wif burfdays! *bounsie ball, batbatbats it unner da bed* Darn… naow I’ll nebber c it agin..

    1. Aksully I “takes a” bounsie ball but mai fingers had der own ajinda… :shock:

  7. Ai’s gotta stoopendus stoopie. Ai haz scene dis beefour an thote “I’ll figger i aowt sumtyme.” But Ai haznt da payshunse.

    Wat duz “GMTA” meen? :oops:

    1. Grate Minds Fink Alike! :-)

      1. Ahaa!!! (Fankees CatBurgh)

        1. Yore more dan welcome, Cholius! Adn alwais merember: Dare am no stoopie kwestshuns here. Silly, maybe, but nawt stoopie. ;-) {{{{{Cholius}}}}}


    1. Where the %$£”^*&^ is mai dinner hooman. I been waiting 3 minutes. Are you a moron? And don’t fergit I wants clean water in mai bowl. Jeebers H Christ must I do everthing around here?

      1. Hoomans tayk such abuse, but keep lubbin dere furbebbehs. Ebry kitteh shuds hab wun aifinkso. *nod nod*

  9. SQUEEEE!!!! DOZE IZ MAII GOGGIES!!!! Dey bof sheep eggs aktlee lyke each uvver!! Ai gawna show tehm their piksures adn dey gonna argyoo taht eech wun iz doin it best! :-D

    Tehy snorz tu! :-D

    1. Conga rats, damommza!!! Dey are beyootimus goggies, indeed, adn ai wuds gess just a little spoilt, yesh? :)

      1. Ai cannawt eben TELL yoo how spolit! Dey has tehee owen strollers for teh strollin! :-D

        1. Awww, what prettih bebbehs, damommza! Tehy look lyke mai heart puppehs Mitzi adn Melanie aifinkso, from long ago. (Adn we hadda funneh old Yorkiepoo wiffa arthritic nekk who had to ride in teh stroller to go for walks wiff teh famblee… adn somehow he always seemed to be in charge of teh whole expedition. Got some funneh looks from peoples driving by on teh road; tehy always try to peek at teh bebbeh in teh stroller, adn wehn tehy saw Corky’s perky eerz, theyr eyebrowz would jump up a bit… Happy rememberies!!) ;)

          1. Wotta luvverly rememberie, Lungdoc. It mayd me smilol just pikshuring it. :-)

            1. AWWWW..lungdoc! Daz a baskit full ubs lubberly remeberries! Maii goggies aer bof reskews adn nawt well anee mowr. Bruno hsa teh Addison’s Disease, hi bloopy preshure adn disk dizeez adn hims thyroyd nawt wurkin anee moer eiver. Teh uver oen haz teh nawt wurkin thyroid adn iz 14 1/2 yeers owld which is owld fur a littlol owld ladee butt(!) tehy bof veree happee adn we lubs tehm veree muchly.

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