By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps!

How Cheezland Came to Be

On Facebook, a lol was posted by someone prysma was following – a lol made from a photo of a certain grey red-riding-hood cat.

Source unknown [via the Facebook page “Sir Thomas, Knight of the Kind Thoughts Thinking Circle (aka T.)”]

This made prysma feel nostalgic, and she shared it with her friends, who shared it with lots of their friends, and she also shared it in the Cheezepeeps on Faysebuuk group. When she saw the responses, prysma decided to make a proposal:

HAY PEEPS!!!!!! AI HAS A PURRPOSAL! [she said]
*climes up on soapbox an turns on megafone*
Ithinkso this be reminding menny of us of missing Teh Olde Dais on ICHC and of our frenz there who nawt be on teh Buuk of Fayces. Menny of us has no idea why we nawt go there ennymoar, other than sorta vaguely, “Is nawt teh same.”
We has had ebents planned and adbertised, but they be one-day or one-or-two-lol time frame taht nawt ebreewun always be availabul for.
I propose we pick a day of teh week, and on that day ebree week, ebreewun pledge to drop bai an get involved, even if onlee for a little while sometime that day, if at ALL pawsibul. Re-establishing old frenships be mebbe worth gibbing up an owr of Farmville or something, rite? (What cud be better than seeing if we can has teh crazy adbentures on ICHC taht we used to has, anyway?) We pledge tu do this ebree week for, lessay, six weeks? and see what happins.
Ennywun wif me on this?

Well, after 21 Likes and 59 comments, evreewun tried to decide on a day, and prysma thought maybe the best thing would be to drop by ICHC and ask annipuss and the others who were still there.

Then prysma discovered that if she was logged into Facebook, any comments on ICHC would be via her FB account, and she didn’t want that, she wanted to be prysma. She visualized the chances of getting peeps who were on FB frequently to choose between logging out entirely and having to log back in, or posting under FB names. Plus, Beta made prysma’s computer, which isn’t that old or slow, very deeply unhappy, even more so than the opt-out version of the site, and more and more people were saying that they’d like to but their computers wouldn’t tolerate the ICHC interface, even with the Beta opt-out.

Prysma threw a bit of a hissy fit, and installed WordPress to make on her own site, and posted a few lols she made herself from Wikimedia pics and one of Eva and Cory. She expected the whole site to be dead within a week, but it made her feel less frustrated. (Also, it kept her busy while her Trick-a-monster was at the vet for dental surgery.) She posted this on Facebook, with a link to the Ohai Peeps! post:

Y’know, quite possibly I should not be allowed interwebs access when I’m frustrated, or at the very least not allowed admin access to ANYTHING… but I’m probably stupid enough to try to do this for a while anyway just to see if anyone else decides it’s a viable option.

And some peeps said “Hooray! We needed this!”

So a rather surprised prysma announced it in the Cheezepeeps group like this:

*taps microphone* *clears throat* *takes a deep breath*
Tess, I apologize if this is inappropriate.
Okay, since at least a few peeps seem to feel that I’m not 100% crazy on this…
I’d like to invite you to a possible solution to the various issues around ICHC’s usability and how much many of us miss the old community.
I’m not going to repeat myself, just give you a link to where I said it already.
Uh… if you’re going to throw tomatoes, not rotten ones, okay?
By the cheezpeeps, for the cheezpeeps! *waves a cheezy flag and then looks for a place to hide*

And some more peeps said “Hooray! We needed this!” and began to visit and to send a few lols. Prysma emeowed cweenmj, who put it in the Cryer (and you know that makes it offishul!).

Just as people were showing up to investigate and tap the new site with a paw to see what it would do… ICHC pulled the Beta opt-out option, so abruptly that at least one person lost the comment they’d been in the middle of making. And, just as abruptly, all the archives became unavailable. No more going back to see old adventures and major landmarks and memories of old friends, some no longer on this side of the Bridge.

And a whole awful LOT of peeps screamed in genuine grief and fear. The Interwebs is a big place to try to find your famblee if your home is destroyed by a sudden catastrophe. The Powers-That-Be on ICHC had been promising for years that they were listening to us and trying to make us happy, but it had been becoming increasingly difficult for many to believe this, and this was, to many, the ultimate betrayal.

The Facebook peeps knew about a new safe place that by some miracle (and I’m not using the term lightly) opened at exactly the right moment, and began to tell peeps about it. The cween emeowed everyone she had contact info for. Word spread, from cheezpeep to cheezpeep. Peeps began to send in lols that had been overlooked and lost in teh crowd on Dat Ovver Place, and pics that were just crying out for captions. Peeps began to help each other immediately with how to do things, with explanations, and with comfort and reassurance that while Dat Ovver Place is dead, Cheezland is not. Peeps began to show up who had not been seen in a very long time, and lurkers began to come out at least to say “Ohai, ai here too!” and were greeted with open armed welcomes and offered paws of friendship immediately. And peeps began to play, and do alphabet lists, and pun runs, and all kinds of wonderful silliness.

An extremely astonished prysma messed around with behind-the-scenes things to try to make the site work as smoothly as possible and watched from there while our poor wilted Cheezland revived and came back to full glorious life, and knew she wasn’t the only one with tears in her eyes from sheer joy.

All on a site that was installed in a huff caused by disappointment because a single lol had triggered memories.


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    1. NONNA!!! Yu fownd us! Ai wuz finkin ov yu teh uvver day, yesh ai wuz :D



    3. *jumps arown wiff happy dans-dans-dansin wiff awl teh happy cheezpeeps* :D :lol: :D

    4. All uv teh abuv, an ai has a certain cheezpeep creatibity will invent moar!!

  2. Well, I like the idea of a cleaner version of ICHC.
    I hope this version will have less care trolls (less trolls, but I really hate the care ones). Also, while I like the lolspeak on pictures, I think the lolspeak in comments is quite exaggerated sometimes :), but that’s just my opinion.
    Anyway, I put this one in RSS too; after some time I’ll probably just remove one of them (ICHC or this one), but I’m quite sure I’ll remove the ICHC, because it became way too commercial…
    From the cheezpeople to the cheezpeople!

    1. Ohai, ABS, and welcome!
      To a point, being concerned about the animals in some pictures is a good thing. Quite a lot of cheezpeeps are involved in animal rescue or fostering or related pastimes or jobs. Some cheezpeeps are sensitive enough to the real badness of the world to find it hard to relax and lol at a pic that suggests to them an animal is in some way suffering. On teh uvver paw, that can unarguably go too far. Still, unless it’s disruptive, people aren’t going to be stopped from voicing concerns.

      Re: lolspeek… *points upwards to the Lolspeak page* And a very gentle reminder, some people find complaints about lolspeak about as appealing as others find heavy lolspeak in comments.

      I don’t personally see it as a version of ICHC at all, to tell you the truth, just as a new home for the community that happened to form there and was dispossessed by “improvements”.

      1. Well, when I say care trolls, I mean *trolls*.
        I have 2 cats (well, 3, but one of them is with my ex), they were stray cats and I picked them from the streets. So I DO care about them :).

    2. ohai, ABS, welcome to teh noo cheezland. :)

      evreewun haz their own levels ob comfort wif lolspeek. sum reed an write eezily, sum write more eezily than reed or reed more eezily than rite, ther are many diffrent dialeks, ect. yoo are welcome to write at wutever level yoo feel comfortable wif (or not use lolspeek at all) an if a comment iz too much lolspeek, yoo can skim past it. a hint-a lot ob lolspeek is fonetik, so if yoo reed it owt lowd (or pretend yoo are reeding owt lowd), taht makes it eezier.

    3. o deer ABS, Ai iz sawrree bowt u nawt lykin caretrolls,,,,,*coffz, tries tew putting tihs sum otter way…* cos I wuz a caretroll awn ICHC bowt 3-4 yeerz agoe…. an hopin tew nawt be obn…obx..xob.. hard tew put up wiv. I berree happitayle tew be at teh Cheezlands!!!!! :)

      1. yor a gud caretroll not a nasty caretroll :D . ifinkso ABS meens teh nasty caretrollz.

        1. Oahi LM ai hazzn’t siin u in a lawng thyme! I stopz in heer maybe ebbereedai nao, sew good tew reconn…rekinn…get bakk togevver agayne! An fangzQ faor teh compliment :blush:

  3. Oh, PK, u gib mii leeky aiz!! I lubz u more dan u will eber know!!!

    1. *hands teh Cween a shamwow*
      *wipes own nose on Cween’s sleeve*

      Sorry, ai only had that wun and u seemed to need it moar than me.

      1. **HOOOONK!!***

        Fankeez, upfi! *handz deh shamwow back tu upfi*

        1. Ewwwwww … um, ah, oh FANK U, mai dearest Cween! WHut a regal prezzent u has bestowed upon me! Teh honor is too great for me, here, ai gibs it back. ai is sure u can find a much more worthee recipient for this wunnermus, um, gift.

          *nods vigorously while backing away slowly*

      2. caterpigglies hab sleeves??

        hoo noo??

    2. Mee 2, Diss iz a wundermuss fing u hab dun, PK! Ai had a beeg sad wen Ai thort dat teh ufn wuz gonna stawp, but dis iz bedder dan DOP. Mai CC bless u!

      1. An an an… we can has teh boting burgers again!!!!!! :D :D :D

  4. *wypes leeky eeys*
    *grabs shamwow*
    o tihs am a wunnermuss storee Prysma {{{{prysma}}}

    1. 8O Dat ShAmWoW sures is gettin’ usees 8-O



    1. bai-bai! stay saef!

  7. Sints berious peeps had berious bits of teh story, ai thot it wud be gud fur ebreewun to know hao it happened… an just hao incredibly improbable teh timing was… an just hao much power wun grey kitteh in a red hood can has!!!!

    1. NEBBER underestimate the power of a gray cat. Just saying. Think of how DOP came into being. See?

  8. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    It’s liek watching a time lapse moobie of a flower garden blossoming and uh bunch of bees swarming tu check it owt.

    Awl the new linkees popping up, like the Useful Links tew the way back masheen et al…the direckshuns tew magik tricks on the cryer in the testy page, the everchanging tags, the ideas on the What do YOU want page, plans tew moov to a new domain name. And, awl the cheezpeeps iz bownsing frum place tew place sew fast dat ai can’t keep awp wif everybawdeez ware abowts. And den I wuz worried dat ai wuz missing replies to mai comments whylol ai watched eberyfing happening awl at wunce (until I figured out how to hab my berry own prysmcat profile and watch fings from the WP toolbar logged in Cheezland).

    Oh the freneticitiy ob it awl! AI LUB IT!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

    1. There, there. *pat pat pat*


      Fanks for reminding me to register for this ossim site – nai ai can has teh WP toolbar, too! Much easier to follow the LOL-hopping. Ai guess it’ll be a bit less hoppity wunce we awl have settled in and tested our stuff.

      1. I’m seriously off to be now, it’s nearly 1am and ai need to get up at 5:30am or so. *sigh*

        1. BED! I’m off to BED! I was to be before! Ai swares!

          1. See? Wuz trying to git my DID in check adn ai missed teh cyoot widdlol catterpiggly.

            G’nite upfi. STDLTBBB

  9. hoem

    o ai wil hold yoor hand
    adn weel tayk a wawk tugevver
    bai adn bai weel fynd a nyoo playse
    wer we can noe forevver
    adn weel choos owrselvz tu be tehre
    coz tihs iz wot weer aftur
    a playse amung owr frendz
    a playse of joi adn laftur
    a playse wer we can settl
    nebber moer tu roem
    a playse taht filz owr hartz
    a playse taht we cawl hoem

    1. Sunovawot!! Ur werdz, dey leev mii speechless. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Ah’m a liddle lait fer teh pardee butt jus wanna sai dat lil red iz sew happee tew haz had at leest a teensy part inn teh inspyratshun fer dis grate site!

    1. Izzat yer kitteh whut wuz teh insperashun dat led tew dis hoal gnu site, BF? Him haz a beeyootifull!!

    2. Ohai dere, BF!
      *claps paws wif delite*

  11. Oh my Oh my Oh my!!!! Shatzeesmom adn faemaochasiubao told me to come hear, so ai clickyfied my heels free tiems adn sed “darez no plais liek hoam” adn adn adn Oh my Oh my!!! Hear you awl are! Prysma-kitteh, watta wunnermuss fing you has dun! *sniff* Ennybunneh gotsa spare (unyoozedifyoupleez)shamwow ai cuds, um, borrow?

    1. *gibs CB a (freshly-warshd) shamWow* Welkum! :) Gud tu seeing u heer!

      1. AngelPlume! *sniff sniff honk* Fankys. Good to be heer!

          1. Poussinboi! *run taklol purr* Ai feels liek Dorothy coming bak frum Oz. :)

        1. Yay!!! anuzzer lost peep am back in deh fold!!

          1. Mai cween!!! *bows low, bumps hed on teh floar* teehee ai mented to do that. Fanks for teh welcoming mai frend!

          2. :eek: EEP!
            Reechez intew teh fold adn grabz CB before shii iz bekomz origameed.

            1. Whew! Fankys nativeca66! Ai was so origameed ai cuds see myself coming adn going awl at teh same tiem. *hedbonk*

        2. Ruthie aka roofie

          *runrunrunz tew CatBurgh, skreeching briefly to boop teh end ob PB’s taylol,
          runz smoar, den stawps abuptlee to hedbonk CB*

          Ohai, CatBurgh! adn PB, AP, KS, bf, nc, owur leejleej cween, Upfi, prysma, sunovawot, seanya, anni, NONNA, uk, ABS, adn ebbehwun! :D

          1. Ruthie aka roofie

            Gah! adn Gumbie !! *shmoo*

          2. Ohai roofie! [covers drink wif coaster]
            So nice tew see yew. *hedbonk*

            1. Ruthie aka roofie

              Iss bin nys tew sea yew abowt tew!
              It wirr weerdie nc-diffishint @DOP teh past foo munfs!

              wutcha dwinkin?

              1. roofie colada Martoonie.
                Yep. *nods* Sew manee cheezpeeps wuz MIA.
                Ai haz an amazed hao manee awr showing awp here eben.
                PB oar AP wuz keeping cownt afinks.
                Ai ran owt fingerz adn toes alawng tiem ago.

              2. Ruthie aka roofie

                Oo! Roofie koala sownds…ekzotik! Aifinkso i go maek wun!
                Ai happietaylol tew sea yoo moar, hee hee, yew maek me snert sew!

              3. Ime stil caonting .. – 157 – sew far :D

          3. Roofie!!! *dans dans dans collapse in a happy heep*

            1. Ruthie aka roofie

              *gigglol, gigglol, snirk!* wupps, heehee, sowweh, heehee!

  12. Me too screaming in genuine grief– I had saved “JCH4K Burfdai Shenanigans” AND “Maus’s memorial service” and now they are NOT THERE. I hazz a sad now….. Gonna og bayke a chokklit cayke, aifinksoyes. Mayke us awl feeling betterer.

    1. Did you try looking for them on teh Wayback Machine? *points to link at teh right* Is nawt always complete copies, but if you has teh daytes (and if you has the bookmarks still, aifinkso you can get from taht) you might be abul to find.

      1. :-( :cry:

        Ai can nawt find N-E Tiki conversayshuns. If N-E wun stumblolz across dem, pleez tew letting me gno.

        1. I fownd sum an saved them. Iz ok if they go in teh wiki?

          1. Oh, i also saved teh maus memorial. Finkso i saw kch4k burfday ther, but did not get yet.

            1. jch4k’s burfday camed up a 404 :(

              1. ok, i fownd janet’s burfday 2008 on teh Wayback Masheen an saved it to my Evernote.

              2. i haz also gotted most ob teh Lo Budjit Theater Produckshuns. just 2 ifinkso were 404s an missing frum teh Waybak Masheen.

          2. Yesh yesh! Ob corse. Oh fank yew LM.

      2. boy, that Wayback machine iz wun awsum fing, PK.

  13. Ohai! I can has qweshun. Peeps said sumfin about a wiki and savin old conversations from DOP. I can has access to some old lols rite nao (dunno why an how, but hoo cares), like teh wun wiff teh assplodin microwave soop (is mai all-thyme favourite thing to re-read when I needs a laff…). I can add fings to a wiki, ifn I can has webby address or sumfin, please?

    1. Ohai HCR !! It wuz LunarMommy nd was in an earlier post, aifinkso. Talk tu hur (can messidge frum DOP) or relay thru teh Burfday Fairy or even CweenMJ, ai shud tihnkso ;)

    2. Is nawt eggsactly set up yet – and aifinkso is on hold until the Big Move (see teh Uppydate post).

      You can maybe save teh lol and copy and paste all the text to… um, aifinkso LM suggested Wordpad, but whatever wurks for you? If you emeow to me ai can pass on to her.

  14. :)

    that’s as close as I can get to lolspeak right now.

    1. (((Short1Fry)))

      Lolspeak is optional. We all get whut u be saying. ;)

      1. LOLspeak easier than Marketingspeak.



    – F Sinatra, The Sands 1965

    1. ohai smudgie, sinse yoo are so gud wif songs, mebbee we can organizifying a howsewarming consurt for after teh server moove?

      1. Ohai LM! Dat am a bery gud idea! *nod nod*

  16. “And, just as abruptly, all the archives became unavailable. No more going back to see old adventures and major landmarks and memories of old friends, some no longer on this side of the Bridge.”

    Ai did nawt noez dat part. Dat am juss eebil, aifinkso. Dey tuk owr belubbd frendz aweigh frum us… teh wunz dat wuz alreddy taykin aweigh haz bin taykin aweigh agen. Dat am juss turriblol.

    1. {{{{{SP}}}}} do not despayr, many ob teh old threds can bee fownd at teh Internet Wayback Machine (see teh DOP-Dat Ovver Place link on the right). an sum ovver peepls an me are wurking to gather up az much ob teh lore an histroy an cheezland culchure az we can, to save it an also to making a Cheezland Wiki.

      1. i am still able to get to teh old site throo chrome, so wile that lasts i am collecting old threads. not evree single thred, but wuns that are linked frum teh Cheez Town Cryer for habbing sumfing ob particyoolar note in them.

  17. Ohai peeps! Some of you will remember me as SJ, some as Martoonie and some may not remember me at all (snif) but ai gotted teh call from teh qween so here ai is. I duz nawt has much time to play these days (teh werk, it gets in teh way) but ai wanted to say ohai to you all and give Prysma a a round of applesause. Teh sad demise of ICHC has been going on for a lawng time IMHO and it would be very sad if we lost so many happy and funny and weird and sad memories and frendships. So plz to join me in a choklit martoonie, which mai frends teh YNGs will be serving you just as soon as they’ve finished my ironing and eberybody say CHEEZ!!!

    1. :shock: martoonie!!! yoo may not rembember me, but i shur remembers yoo! is good to see yoo heer!

      1. lunarmommy ob corse I remembers you! Shmooo!

        1. Ohai, SJ nd come bak wenneber yoo can, plzthx, k?
          * Drinks teh chonklit martoonie … sturred, nawt shayken :cool: *

    2. Ohai, Martoonie!!! I memberz u!! A pox on deh pleh werkiteez dat nawt letz u kum play!
      *handz martoonie a chokklit namesake*
      *klinky glasses*

  18. Hppy pws! (soft bwankee gushes unner feetsies!)

    Thx prysmcat!

    1. Ohai Groucho !! Kum n joyn us in teh latest LOL, k? Yool bee welkom :)

  19. Dis maik mai aiz awl leeky agen.
    *gm stawp beein such a moosh!!..bloze noze..HONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNKKK..*

    1. * Hans GM a sooper-siezed shamwow *

  20. *sniff* I lub reading dis again!
    pass duh tissue kplzthx


    1. Heer heer!!!

      *tayks a few tishoos for hurself, pases teh rest to NC66*
      *sniff sniff HONK! sniff*

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