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  1. You will walk teh plank, scurvy knave!

    1. Congrats, Q!

      1. And to you, too, anni! A tie is a guud way to starting my day

        1. conga floofeh kittehs, Q and annipuss

  2. *tremblolz* yes deer, uv corse u aer!

    1. Kitteh seems tu haz teh hat awn teh rong wai up.

      1. bit if this littlol kitteh had hat awn the rite way up, he’d disappear…

      2. Hat iz awn teh rong end 2!

    2. You OK AnniPuss??? Stormyz hitting wer u b yet? Wii wanting u SAFE!!

      1. Storm past throo TTI yestidai. No prollem 4 me eggspt geddin waekt up 2 erlee. Lossa peepl had trubblol and sum loss uv lief. Kud hab bean werse, but we wuz wel pripaerd dis tiem.

        1. Whew! Gud 2 hearing (‘cept teh loss ob lief, ob corse)

          1. Teh storm went awn 2 Germany ware Upfi libs. Her iz OK 2.

            1. Fankz!! But her ai seeing onteh buk of fase! :-D

  3. Ahhrrr – and now you shall gib me all the toona!!!

    (incidentleh – ai is listening to Rackham the Red talking in a Tintin dramatizashun on BBC Radio 4 extra – ARRH! all ur joowuls are belong to me!)

  4. Ohai!!!

    I haz a nouncing ments!!!!

    Fur LOLoween, dhere will being a costume parade on deh noon LOL. (I will haz tu miss dis so pleez tu nawt waiting fur mii)

    On deh 6pm (and possibly deh 9pm) LOL I will b handing out trickz treets tu ennywun hoo knokz on mai door. :mrgreen:

    Plz tu seeing deh note on dhe top left sidebar.

    1. Waah! Ai aer trabblolin dat dai an wen Ai get ware Ai aer goin wull ownlee hab teh paranyd androyd tablit fing. Wull trie 2 plai, but wul nawt be eezee!

      1. Don’t u just hate it wen deh RL interferez wif deh Cheezland???

        1. Yep, but Ai aer lukkin 4werd 2 mai trip!

    2. oboi a prade!!!!!!

  5. Kitteh sez, “Doant feed me pumkins … I doan liek tehm mush :?

    1. ai seed waht yu did dere pb!

  6. Nao, am it plundering
    oar pillolaging taht I liek best ??
    ** Ai cant alwaiz rimembah teh diffrinss **

      1. I haz such a prowd uv sunovawot and awl deh cheezpeepz!!!

        1. Nd yoove played a pivotlol.. centrolol … key part in owr praod hiss tree :cool:

      2. We aer faymuss!

    1. nyse wai tew startify a toosdai!

    2. Ai allus nu dat wi iz da awsum kommuniti ob da kreeatib anna entewwegint (anna caring tu!) peeps! Yu jus karnt mangolol da langage iffen yu duznt noe eet weell. HooWai fr da CheezPeeps! :lol:

    3. Iz teh kewl!!! Recognishuns!!!! Fayms!!!

      Nao, if I cud just get a lingwistics resurch website tu chanje teh refrinse that sez Cheezland WAZ ICHC… they haz ignorified me multiplol times when I haz contacted tehm politely tu ask that they correkt it. link here Sujjestions, I are opin tu tehm. Unless I are teh onlee wun whu finks “…the website www (formerly www .icanhas” am annoyingz…

      1. Gudness! Yesh! Ai dint notise dat.

    4. Oooh! Ai wil haz tew reed teh hole fing laitur. Ai jus kinda skimmd it tew see iffen ai cud spawt mai naim


      Butt iz kinda sad dat mai kwote iz meh feeding/respondingz tew a troll :(

      1. Noap, nawt sad!
        It am egg samplol ob cultural instrukshun/koh ching emploi ying mirrorized tonal kwality tew seez troll’s attenshun.
        Yup. *nods hed* *duzzint sez hooz*

  7. Ai aer eggspektin a biziter, soe Ai mite disappeer enni minit!

  8. Berry kyoot kyootie lol, mqos! :D

    1. ohfangyew Roofie mai frend :)

  9. Yesh u r sweetie. Whooz a skayre pierat den? Whooz a ickle wickle skayre feerse pierat? U ar! Yesh, u ar!!

    1. Mai fots zackly. *skritcheez liddol furry pie ratty noggin*

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