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  1. Ebunnee an eyeberee!

    1. Ai beeleebs (beelaytid) Congrachumalayshunz R in ordur. Yay foar yoar tye ap an AP!!

      1. Thx, ‘Niser!

        1. Aifinks weer eben singin teh saym sawng.

          1. Yep, we aer!

  2. Tugebber we mayks purrrfikt harmonee!

  3. Awl fings in balance…

  4. Ower fung schway….lettuce showz it tu yu!!

  5. Howse panther adn howse lion, at yr service *floofy paws ob french dip extended*

    1. Ooooh, iz dat Fronsch Unyun dippee??
      *Pullz owt bagg ob Rufflolz*
      *Standz poized wiffa chipp, awating neenerbeener tu gibs hurr teh green lite*

      1. if yu can get teh dip offa thier paws yur welcome to it! *pulls up a chair tu watch the action*

        1. Chippy Dippy?? :( I wuz finkin was a Beefer sammywitch wiffy Awe Jooz to dipper it in ….

  6. heers teh burfday fairy to say HAPPEE BURFDAY to Friscokitteh, Jason_skooter, TikkyTac, ginacuccu an evreewun else hoo haz a burfday today! i haz bringd yummy sordid cuppie caeks wif fansee frostings, iskreem, sparkly party punch, fansee shiny party hats, an teh tradishunal sunnyday game ob troll-hed crokay!! teh crokay balls are paynted to look like troll heds an when yoo wakk them wif teh crokay mallet tehy make funny troll-y noyzes! an goodie bags filled wif frizbeez that make raynbowz wen they fly, mini wind-up dansing toy ponies, kandee, an kitteh ob teh whirld coluring buks wif boxes ob elebenty-5 crayns (wif bilded-in sharperners)! :D an a big swish ob teh burfday wand to making all yor burfday wishes come troo!


    The Kafleen the Donkey Burfday Song (by Kafleen the Donkey):

    It’s yer burfday
    an dats wunnurmuss
    it’s yer burfday, it’s troo!
    ebben doe deres
    uddurs sharin it
    dere is onlee WUN SPESHUL U!

    1. hippo birdees tu eberyone! That means yu tu, TT!!

    2. Happy Birfday, Tikky!!!!
      *fweeeeeep* *fweeeeep*

    3. Happie Burfdy tu ebbrywun wiht burfdees tuday ;)

      * Duz a dans with a dansing pony … OWCH, wotch ware yoo’re stepping, plzthx *

      * Retires tu nom sum cake *

      Thx, Burfday Fairy :D

      1. Ohai der PB!! Kin yoo beeleeb dat sumwum wuz im-posterin yoo! Amazering wot *coff* wut sum peeps will doo furr a prize …..

  7. chonklit an banilla.

    (wut byootimus kittehs, noodle!)

  8. differen kittehs live peecefully together the way dat differen hoomans live peec- oh,,,,, waidaminnit…….

  9. *sigh* I twyn ta findz da studs inna mi wall ta hang da kitteh shellf … kinnawt findee wun!! Der hazzta be wun – I no wann mai haus to fallz down …. :shock:

    ikno der bee lottsa studs heer (wail …. sum studs NE wai) ~~~~~ Bak to drillin holes — lukkin furr studs … wall luks likee dis:

    * ** * *** * * * ** * * *

    * = hole

    1. Try nokk-nokkin onna wawl lisnin fur teh hollowniss or nawt-hollowniss.
      Adn wen u fyndz wun, teh obbers shud be sisteen incherz apart, centur-tu-centur.

      1. Foundid wun!! Butt now I needs da taller laddar!! *sigh*

        Kitteh beddar uze deez fings ….

        Iffn dey donut den Aye’l put brakey stuffz onna dem — Day weel get da kittehs up onnem furr shur dood!!

        1. oh, yes, deh more braky stuffz available, deh more kittehs am attracted tu deh shelf. *nods noeingly*

  10. *tug, tug*
    *push push*
    Skewz mii!
    *push push*
    make way!!
    *tug tug*
    Cumming frew wif big announscingment!!!
    Whew!! I made it!!!”
    *plops annownsingment down*

    Guess wut?!?!?!
    Tuday wii am wun munf away frum deh WUN YEER ANNIBIRFARRY uf Cheezland!!!!
    YES!! it’s tru!!! On August 14th Cheezland will b Wun whole yr old!!!

    Wii needz tu sillybrate dis auspishuss okayzhun wif LOLZ adn parades adn pool partyz and games!!!

    Plz tu making sum speshul LOLS fur Prysma to posting on Aug 14th. Deh subject can bii deh Anniberthary, pool partys (swimming), parades, etc.

    A schedule uf awl deh festivities will b forthcoming. Az soon as I figger it owt. ;)

    1. * Handz teh cween a nabbacuss *

      Dat shud halp wif teh figgering aifinkso.

      1. oh, fanks yew!!!
        *pushes beeds dis way and dat*
        *turns abacuss over*
        :shock: All mai nummberz am bakkerds now!!!

        1. can we has awards seremony like Oscars?

          1. ohhhhh!!!! dat sounds like a cool idea!!!

            Wut categories wii gonna have??

            1. Wii kud give out deh “Cheezies” :lol:

              1. bestest pikchure submitted (original)
                best caption
                best comment
                best avatar
                best cheezepeep called poussinboi
                best TTI entry
                best USA entry
                best first on the comments
                most boops
                best poem

              2. best lolspeek
                best Cheezpeep inna leeding fred
                best Cheezpeep inna supportink fred
                best alfabet fred
                best splort
                best reskyoo
                best unablol tu spelling beeg werdz lyke innipr….inapro….nawtee
                best sawng leericks

              3. Yesh yeah…. Wee hab a tyme set furr eech kat a gory an sew long furr da purrforminsiz. Den da cheezee goes to da mostlee Boops ….

              4. Oh oh oh oh Aye kno!!! Aye kno!!!

                Kontest furr eetin most toona inna fibe minutes!!!

              5. Ib unly seed wun tuna receipe posted, but I di did like

              6. Ohai der maytes!! Ifinkso eyez da best poISONbOI!!

                Vote furr mee!!

              7. OOoooo an I haz a beeyooteemuss pinkee kwiltee

              8. *narrowz eis*
                Der iz sumfing fishee heer.
                *Holdz up stinkee fish*
                Ai dun finkso yu luuks lyke pb. Ai smellz a rat. Er….fish!
                *poynts finner in teh genrul dyrekshun ob teh pinkee kwiltee*
                Yu sur, R an IMPOSTER!!!!

              9. Wot???!! WOT??!!!!!!! WOT???!!!!

                Wot yoo dez??? I IZ PB!! Da bestest PB ebber!!

              10. Iz dat Y yu kant eeben spellz yoar own nayme, huh????

              11. Wot???!! WOT??!!!!!!! WOT???!!!!

                Iz spellifyed rite!!!

              12. Hoo?? I are nawt EM?? I are PB — YOO SIRRAH am da imposterboi!!

              13. Aye am LEEBING!!! *tossiz nose inna da aire an stomps off inna huff an a puff!*

              14. PushiNgBoY?? Nao yu tryin un suck sessfullee tu korrekt teh spellink? Ai naw fallin foar it!! Harumph!!
                *Woks porpusslee frum teh ruum*

              15. Hay ! Wate — yoo furr gottis yer nose!!

                Heer — Ate tossid it inna da aire — butt i nebber fought yoo wood leeb wiffy out it…

                Welllll… ifinksoe dat prooves it — Iam da troof PB —

              16. *catches POySunBoi ‘s nose*
                Umm, eeewww. . .
                Wot ai shud duz wif dis?

              17. Nope — dat am Niser’s nose

              18. * tosses it in “Niser’s jenrul direkshun *

              19. most oddish alfabet run
                ~~~ best starter ub da run
                ~~~ best complete runz (dis am a groop kat ub gory)

    2. Yay, a whole yeer !! ** Hoo’d hab thunk it ? ;) **

  11. Orjee Cicle kitteh lubs hims dark chonklit kitteh!!

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